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New job? :-)

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20 pieces
34 solves
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  1. Ianto0:26
  2. Sissel0:35
  3. nkwrw0:35
  4. alias2v0:36
  5. bobbobby0:37
  6. Juba10100:37
  7. Junko0:37
  8. Val1aune0:39
  9. jen70:40
  10. jxner0:40


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You are so welcome Althea. Hugs :-)))


Wow! Someone did not proofread! Thanks for the laugh! --Althea


Else I can Lia :-)))))

They can Juba - I agree :-))))

Thank you Kalola. It is the best way :-)))

Thanks Dave. Hula-hula dancers on film are :-)))

Hugs Janet and thanks :-))))


What a fun sign thanks Sissel, hugs my friend.💕😍


There are not many skinny Hawaiians!


Your kooky signs brought two hearty belly laughs. Thanks. A nice way to start the day.


I think Hawaiians can make any pizza you order.


Do they think a person has to come from Hawaii to be able to bake a Hawaiian Pizza??


I know no hawaiians Neville so I wont know :-))))

My tigridias has grown and more has comed up. Today I will water everything outside because everything is dry :-)))))


Sissel, I wonder if thin Hawaiians are easy to find? And will they work for that lowly wage? :-))) ♥♥♥


If thin then ..... :-)))) but why not a thin person
Thank you so much Junko

He/she might need to be hungry to work for $8. Thanks for the laugh.

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