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Kaleidoscope from a Crocheted Pillow

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Thank you both for your kind comments.
You are right, Pilley, these colors would make a beautiful baby blanket.
Roerick, I'm so glad you liked the purple one. It was fun to create.


Colors in this one remind me of a crochet baby blanket, thanks for the fun.


Wonderful puzzles tonight, Gaillou. The purple one was stunning and my fav. Thanks.


Thank you so much, Jan and Barb. Ooo, all that sugary frosting! LOL.


Gail, for some reason the first thing I thought of when I saw this was a deliciously decorated cake. Love the colours! :-)


Gail - this is exceptionally lovely. I love the soft flowers, especially the blue ones. What a gorgeous puzzle. Thanks so much!


They're just little crocheted beings, Ardy. Probably snapdragons now that they have gone through the mixer. Very harmless indeed.
Kirsten, I saw your message on another puzzle and answered you there. Too bad you won't have as much time. I'm so busy now I don't have time to work! (I couldn't say that several years ago, but now that I'm retired...)


Beautiful, Gail. Not sure about the strange blue creatures but I assume they are harmless. Thanks.


The clarity in this one just called me in Gail! Thanks - it's a pearler. :))))

And just to let you know, I'm back at work on Wednesday. And have lots of errands to run today (Monday) and tomorrow. So you'll be seeing a bit less of me from here forward. Dammitall. I love being on hols, and having all the time in the world to visit my friends and do their marvellous puzzles.