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Homemade Buscuits with Applebutter

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Ann will find the recipe and post it for you....


Pat, how do you make crock pot apple butter? I LOVE apple butter and bought a small jar awhile back---threw most of it away! It was not as thick as I remembered from childhood & had a 'weak' taste. I remember it being rather thick, creamy, & 'buttery'. Is this just a problem with growing old, or has apple butter become--like most everything else--more cheaply, and some things even synthetically made? Does crock pot apple butter taste like it used to? Like apple 'butter'? Thanks, your puzzle makes me long for the wonderful flavors of childhood, when biscuits were as big as your hand and you could put all kinds of good things inside one---& then put it in your pocket to eat later when you took a break from playing. Remember? ..............




Thank you Morris .... they were good


Looks good, Pat!


Thanks Maria It has took me a while but I'm determined... What makes it double is I'm hypothyroid..
Chris555 These are the best kind as they are virtual food and you can eat your heart out...

It's been a long time since anyone made me biscuits, these look great Pkin38.


Looks good!
And I want to congratulate you on your weight loss! :)


No your not Lorna.. It really is tasty. sweet but not sweet.... does that make sense.. If I could I would send you a jar...


I have never heard of, never mind eaten apple butter Pat, but I would love to sample your biscuits with some! Now I'm getting peckish again...


Now Graciela you don't want to gain anything back.. Just one will never hurt you.
Sorry cevas but they were really good.
Laurajane nothing like hot buscuits and applebutter


I may have gained by just looking at this too long. Of course, I drooled all over my keyboard. Not fair, Pat! :o)


You have made us all hungry!! Thanks Pat. Great picture!


Yummy! Yummy! Pat this is what I need to gain some weigh back! thanks


Katie that's just what I have been trying to do... So far have lost almost 20 lbs.. And that is with eating during the holidays.
Thanks Punkin nice to see you... did you ever make crockpot applebutter??


Oh, YUM~


Hi Pat, looks delicious! I have a simple diet less, move more. No restrictions at all on what you choose to eat. It's mostly about portions and two biscuits surely isn't going overboard! If only I could do better on moving more...too much time at jigidi! :- )


Jan sorry about that... Mine went down too after eating this...
Patti I have to admit I bought this at an Amish market but I have made the crockpot applebutter before and it is delicious..


I'll bet the apple butter is homemade too! Looks wonderful!


Yummy! Well, there goes my diet!!


Thanks Ardy I will...


That does it, Pat. I've got to get off from here and go get breakfast! Thanks for the treat. Hugs Enjoy your day with family.