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A mix of old and new :)) I

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Hi Judy, wonderful praise coming from you, even though I don't have time to solve your puzzles- I seldom get more than one and a half hours for Jigidi late at night, and you know how little can be achieved in such a short time - I like having a look around them and your images are wonderful, the one with the red car and the baby driving is very funny and I love the kites and I really would have to mention every puzzle you madel :)) Thanks for dropping by and your wonderful compliment. :)))))


Thanks Roerick3 for dropping by and leaving your warmhearted comment. It's still some time for the Easter Bunny, but he wanted to have a look around before his great day in a few months time. :))
My plumbing will come along in the end, even though the plumber didn't turn up when he was meant to and now I'm waiting for the moment when he feels inclined to come round and solve my little problem with the big water stain on my wall LOL. Things like have to be taken with humour or not at all LOL.
It's nice to know that you like my puzzles, positive feedback is water on the mill of somebody who loves making puzzles. :))))))


Dagmar, nine separate puzzles that go so well together. There is a lot of energy in this puzzle, and I had a great time solving it. Keep making your wonderful puzzles.


I love all of these, whether old or new. The Easter bunny isn't do for a while so how did he get out of his burrow without our permission? If he's that sneaky maybe we will have to keep him in his burrow on the day he is supposed to really come out. Thanks for all of your great puzzles. Hope you get your plumbing problems fixed soon---they never come when they say they will.


We just crossed comments PJ, I must admit that some of the images are rather psychedelic, so the happy Easter Bunny makes them a bit lighter. I'm glad that you enjoyed solving them and thanks for your visit. :))


I supposed that we all could do with a reminder that in a very short time spring will be here again, Hester :))
Thanks for your visit and have a nice weekend. :))


My work week is over, now I'll have to do all the housework that I didn't do during the week LOL. Now to answering your questions :))) :
No to the first one, we all have to work, needing the Internet, so the mountains are out of question.
The plumber was supposed to turn up at three today, but with latin formality he didn't phone and he didn't turn up and when I phoned I just got the answering machine. So next week will tell.
And I'm afraid that next week bodes even worse than this one.
Don't worry about asking questions, I don't think anybody, except me, cares about if the plumber turned up or not LOL
Have a nice weekend and I'll be over to your place in a while. This evening I'll have some time for Jigidi. :)))))


Dagmar, love it. Wonderful puzzle, great composition - and so delightful to solve. I like especially the quiet green one to the left.


This morning there was no way of getting back in here :((, but now I have some time for a Jigidi evening :)))
Thanks for dropping by and have an agreeable Saturday, I hope that the heat isn't too much and that you can sleep at night.


What a delightful melange of colour and design, Dagmar! I do agree with Ardy, however. That bunny had better stay in his nice warm burrow for a few weeks!! :-)


Nice collection, Dagmar. That Easter bunny better not come around here for a couple of months yet or he'll freeze his little tali off. I like the top corners and the middle left. Thanks for these. Your work week is about over. Are you off to the mountains or can you lay this weekend? How's the heating/plumbing problem coming along? Any chance next week will be less stressful? I'm asking too many questions, aren't I? LOL


Mmmmmmmm. Very nice, Dagmar!! I love the four corners, and the liquid waviness of the middle right!! Such divine colours and textures. Thanks so much for introducing us to some new friends, and allowing us to reminisce with some old ones. If I don't see you later, I hope you have a good Friday, and a better week-end. :))))