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Anyone for a Holiday?

9 pieces
98 solves
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Hi Francine, I wondered if you were OK... I hope you're catching up... I know that feeling only too well... and don't think I ever will clear my bookmarks... but I'm eternally optimistic!!!


Hi Mandy. Haven't been in Jigidi much last few months. Not solving, trying to catch up by looking only. This is neat! :)


Thanks Wendy - I'm definitely a "bit of a nutcase"!! Of course the policemen could only have been going to the School, or to the aerodrome... I wonder which??


Mandy, I find that hilarious. I suppose anyone who is so addicted to solving and creating puzzles has to be a bit of a nutcase, but then to stop to snap a picture must have been the last straw with the policeman. ;-)


Sorry John - I clicked "post comment" when I intended to respond to yours first!! All I can say is.... "if only" - I'm sure if we could all get together we would have a ball learning and exploring different techniques with each other!!


LOL!! I did look it up when I got home PJ... it does exist, but it's not a school for learning how to solve puzzles!!

I'm with you Rosie, there are so many techniques I see others using and I don't know how... but that's part of the joy of Jigidi... the constant access to learning!!

Thanks whatnauts, I hoped everyone would find it funny!!!


I'll join tomorrow thanks jb:-))))


This is really funny and fitting for we Jigidians and today's Who Knew theme :))))


Sign me up----never to old to learn---and I could sure use the help in trying to create. Thanks, Mandy. Rosie


Mandy - this is great. I would have stopped too! Do you know if such a school really exists? I'm trying to improve on solving time - but evidently need more 'help'....


Yes Aggie, I didn't know it existed before!

Thanks Lela - LOL!

Thanks Ardy - I didn't get a ticket, but I do wonder what they thought of the mad woman who wanted to take a photo of a signpost!! They may have thought I'd broken down, so I won't knock them too much... :~))


Great sign. That policeman must have been having a slow day!! Hope you didn't get a ticket. Thanks, Mandy.


Hee-Hee....well spotted!.....


Hester - My thoughts exactly when I saw it! I'd driven past and just had to turn round and go back. When I did I parked just past the turn to take the photo and would you believe a police car appeared out of nowhere and asked me why I'd stopped "on a dangerous bend"!!! There was good visibiity for about 500 yards in both directions... LOL!!


LOL, I'm enrolling straight away!! :-))