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I had to come back and reword one part of this, Susan. So here's the new version.

Actually, Susan, those very small sizes aren't nearly as popular as you think. When very small puzzles are posted, people will do them over and over and over again to try and get the top spot. Magnus once mentioned it's not rare at all for people to do them 25 times. And the other thing to know is that even though there appears to be lots of solves, those puzzles are almost always automatically removed within a few months. If you don't like your puzzles removed...(and I certainly don't like mine removed), then it would behoove you to veer away from posting in very small sizes.

But like you, I sometimes get an old puzzle of mine that I only posted in one size previously, and post it in a different size. The funny thing is, they always seem to do better the second time round.


About preferred size - I've noticed that the most popular size is four pieces. When I post a bunch of puzzles in size 4, 6, 8 and 9 pieces, the size 4 puzzles get done the most. It's hard to believe there's a difference between 9 pieces and 4 pieces, but there is. These days, I'm posting 4, 80, 120, and 220 or 4, 36, 80, 120 and still 4 pieces is the most popular.

Then when I have nothing to post for that day, I go back and repost old puzzles in a size not yet posted.


My pleasure, Jan. :-)
Did you check out the puzzle in the link? I left you a little message on it. If you don't feel like checking it out though, I added that all private puzzles are removed in less than a month automatically by Jigidi.


Thank you Wendy - very kind of you to share the info.


And Jan, a TOTALLY private puzzle would be one where I sent you a link to the puzzle via email, or in some other way that no one else would see it.


I'm pretty sure I know what I'll do now, then, advia. ;-)

Jan, all public puzzles can be seen under a person's profile name. So if you clicked on my alias, you would find page after page of PUBLIC puzzles. And if you clicked on "Most recent" right under the word "Puzzles" on the left-hand side of any page, all those puzzles are PUBLIC. We are allowed to post 4 puzzles per alias a day...and a lot of us have two aliases so in that way we can post 8 a day. But let's say you wanted a special puzzle and you wanted it NOW, then I could post one for you with a LINK to the puzzle. Only you and a few others might see it. Here's an example of a semi-private puzzle:

You'll notice that it's not listed under my name when you click on "Wendy13" on my regular profile page.


Just a simple question - what is the difference between a public and a private puzzle???


Ok I am generous and I offer to wait for my preferred size till next weekend (but only because my bookmark list is very long) Thank you very much Wendy!


Mandy, people don't like solving the private puzzles no matter how nice they are. I've seen people post large puzzles for others privately, and the vast majority of the time, the person requesting the large sized puzzle won't bother doing it. People inherently like to compare themselves to others even though they may not admit it. One of my very favorite puzzle creators used to post puzzles of hers in all different sizes using private puzzles and I used to check to see if anyone actually did those, and I never saw anyone solve them. I always wondered why she even bothered. For all I know, she still posts those semi-private puzzles anyway.

When I used to solve puzzles, I used zoom constantly unless it was for a very small puzzle. But I suppose you could use a magnifying glass. It might slow down your time a little though. LOLOLOL!


I suppose you could post a different size per person and make them all private!!! I'd need a much bigger screen than my 15.4" laptop to even contemplate a 1000 piece puzzle, although for boxed puzzle I'd always choose that size - on Jigidi with the 300+ size puzzles the pieces look so tiny I have trouble seeing them!! I suppose I could get a magnifying glass - LOL.


Decisions, decisions! Mandy, advia means that she'd like it in a 1000 piece size if there was such a thing, but you'd like it in something around 200-240 pieces. And then I'm waiting for a reply from Pat because I emailed her about the size.

Maybe I'll post this in about 20 sizes so that I can't fail. LOL


Are you talking large or extra large... after all size matters!! I prefer the top end of large - but have been known to solve an extra large - but I am finding that prolonged unbroken mouse action is not conducive to my wrist flexibility!!! However, Wendy I would probably solve this in any size you care to offer :))) if that helps??? LOL


I completely agree to the other messages. Wendy, if you make it as large as it goes you can never deceive anyone ;-)


I'm so glad you love this one, Mandy. I am going to post it in a larger size tomorrow, but I'm debating what size to make it. Perhaps you can give me a helpful hint. Hint Hint. ;-)


Wendy, I love this, its amazing. Its like a giant flame shooting sideways out of a star - but the 3 effect is remarkable. Thanks.


Thanks so much, Pat! But hey, wait a minute, I thought you loved large puzzles. Are you hinting like along the same lines that whatnauts hints when she wants a puzzle in a larger size?


Now if I were the kind of person who liked to do really big puzzles, I'd beg for this as large as it will go...! LOVE THIS!!!!!!!


Big smile to you, Jan and whatnauts! I thank you both! :-)


It's a shame I am no longer commenting on any of your puzzles which I solve. Because if I were to comment I would tell you what an incredibly fantastic puzzle this is!!!! LOL


Nr. 1 - a winner puzzle. Great.