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Rockport, Massachusetts 2

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October 2013
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Hallo waxwing!! Tree months vacations its .....enough. Have a nice day, Sifakos.


Ringleader, when I go there again I will make a beeline to the Toad Hall Bookstore!


Thank you, Waxwing. Toad Hall Bookstore was always one of our first places to go. Loved going out on Bearskin Neck. Another favorite place was the Peg Leg restaurant and the Christmas Dove store across from Front Beach. Love it here. Thanks again.


Looks a great street to wander along!


You're welcome!


How did I know that I'd find you here, Ardy?! LOL!

We stopped in Rockport for the Toad Hall Bookstore, and managed a few stores near it before my husband had to stop, on our recent Gloucester vacation. Maybe in the spring I can do Bearskin Neck and the rest of the shops! Thanks for the photo, waxwing! :-)))


I've walked these streets so often but haven't been back for 16 years now. Oh, I miss spending vacations there. I'm to tired tonight for this many pieces but will bookmark for later. Thank you.

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