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Ringleader (aka Ardy) by my waterfall

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Hi grandmapegs, What happens when innocent children's imagination works overtime! I'm sure your daughter did not know that a bubble bath would harm the fish. Memories never to be forgotten. As for my waterfall/pond, the fish are still alive after 3 weeks since the project was finished. They seem to have grown some already. I am really enjoying the sound of the water, the lilies and lotus flowers, and the fish. Thanks for sharing your story.


Cheerie Lou, now that everyone has had a chance to comment I have to tell you about the first waterfall we had back in the 1970's. We had labored hard to build the perfect little water fall, with rocks we had personally gathered from hither and yon. It was a labor of love. We filled it with bout a dozen Koi fish that we watched grow form little things to about 5 inches. My husband was so proud of the fish and the pond. It was a delightul cer piece in our front yard.
I went out one day to water and notice all the fish were floating in a thick, bubbly soup - all very dead. My 5 year old daughter was playing nearby and when I questioned her she said. "I just gave them all a bubble bath." She had dumped in a full box of tide. It must have been a horrid death for those poor fish.
Anyway, I can't see a small pond or waterfall without thinking of that story.


Robbie, Thanks for stopping by. You must have commented right after I had replied to the others. I've been off solving other puzzles. I'm glad you enjoyed the picture.


Hi Ank, Thanks for visiting my cousin. She's lots of fun to do things with. The waterfall and its little pond are so lovely. She has some goldfish in the pond too. I was showing her some of the pictures from your garden.

Good evening, Kirsten. I'll be by to chat with you in a few minutes. Thanks for coming by here.

Hi Mandy, I love the sound of moving water too. It's been in about two weeks. I hadn't had a chance to see it yet so she invited me over yesterday . I love what she's done so far. Thanks for stopping by.

Good morning, June. I know she's going to enjoy this a lot. About three feet from where I'm sitting on the wall she has a table and 4 comfortable chairs. With the umbrella open over the table it was pleasant to sit there yesterday in spite of high temperatures. Thanks for coming by.


Hi cheerie, what a lovely mermaid you chose for your waterfall! She fits right in and her colours and smile set the tone. Nice to meet you and to see Ardy.


Hi Cheerie Lou, lovely garden and lovely cousin in it. pink is my favourite colour because it is so cheerful, I bet you two are fun when you get together. I have a little river just outside my living room door, about ten feet away and love the sound it makes hope you enjoy your waterfall just as much


Cheerie, what a lovely picture of your waterfall, it must be wonderfull to be able to sit and listen to that soothing sound on a summer afternoon. And how lovely to be able to put a face to ardy's name. Thanks you for sharing this puzzle.


Hi Cheerie Lou (I love your name!). You have a great waterfall, and a beautiful waterlily. I love waterlilies. Maybe because they look all symmetrical and like a kaleido!

And thank you for posting this pic of our beloved friend Ardy. She has a great imagination, and "interprets" our puzzles, which means she tells us the most fantastic stories about what she can see in them. And she has a lovely, kind heart too. And big warm hugs. Thank you for sharing her with us. :)))

Ardy - it's lovely to see the person behind the comments. And thanks for letting me know this picture was here. I'm sorry I'm so late to the party - it's been a hectic day! But I'm glad I made it, and got to see you. You could make this your profile pic! What do you think? :))))


Hi Ardy, nice to meet you. You look exactly as you write, sweet. I keep your photo in my friends folder. This is a nice surprise.

Thanks cheerio, for this beautiful photo. So kind of you to show her.
I have to make you compliments for you waterfall, it's very beautiful. You did a very good job by making it. Real lovely. I should like to have one in my garden too, but it's to small for this.


Hi Wendy, Thanks for the comment. The water lily is in the pond at the foot of the waterfall. I am really enjoying my new water feature. Glad you like it too.


Hi Cheerie Lou! Ardy directed me your way and it was worth it to see your gorgeous waterfall and Ardy sitting there. I have to tell you that Ardy has said one good thing after another about you. Don't tell her I told you though. LOL
On another note, your water lily is beautiful in one of your previous puzzles.


Ardy is a wonderful cousin! I'm glad you all enjoy chatting with her. Thanks for the compliments on my waterfall. I still have lots of landscaping to do to finish the backyard upgrade.


I told you you looked beautiful, Ardy, and I meant it. You really complement that beautiful waterfall. Cheerie Lou has made a beautiful thing. And it's so wonderful having running water in your yard. It's been years since I had one, but I'll never forget it. The rocks are wonderful! :)


Hi Pat, I hadn't planned this. Since I was wearing the pink and Cheerie Lou asked me to come over for lunch I asked her to take the picture and email it to me. I was asking her about posting pictures and she suggested she post this one to show me how its done. So there I am. Thanks for coming by.


Well hello, Ardy! How nice to finally meet you! And I agree with Dagmar--the person who writes the lovely comments is indeed a lovely person!

Hello, too, cheerio16--your waterfall is beautiful! Thanks for sharing both it and your cousin with us!


Hi Henna. I was showing her your reindeer. Thanks for your comment. I didn't plan on this when I came over for lunch. It's been fun watching the solves.


And then I forgot to say thanks to you, cheerio16!! What a nice initiative!!


Ardy, SO nice to see you!! Saw the link on Dagmar's profile and had to say hello!! Thanks so very much!!


Thanks, Dagmar. We have been having fun with her new waterfall. She's had it in for just a couple of weeks and is still working on landscaping. The water lily on this site is in this pond. She says thank you.


Nice to meet you Ardy, I saw your message at Jan's place and thought about a funny or interesting puzzle but I didn't expect to meet you in person. You look just the friendly and warmhearted person you sound like when you write your lovely comments. (I hope this makes any sense) :))
Thanks for sharing the photo and tell your cousin that judging from the waterfall here garden must be lovely. :))


Ardy's my cousin. She's over for lunch.


What a delightful setting. Hi Ardy!!!!!

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