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New Loony Lightning

49 pieces
88 solves
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Oh, my! Thanks so much, whatnauts, Aishahm, Rosie, and Wendy! Now if only you could see the huge file of rejects...LOL! I'm glad you liked my "striking" loony..... :-))))))


Pat, you are the MASTER of the LOONIES! It never ceases to amaze me how great your loonies are. :-)


Lightening bolts in the blender!!!!! Great idea. Thanks, Rosie


Pat, you know I would never feel obligated. I'm an addict, I don't even need encouragement. LOL!


Lighting is striking out all over the place in this puzzle. Terrific loony. Thanks, PD.


Thanks, Aishahm and Ardy. I'm glad you liked this lightning flower! :-)))

I thought you might like the swirled one better, which is why I wanted you to see it before you committed to the other one. I know I don't like to do more than one of the "same" puzzles, which is why I only did one of the star monsters, but whatever makes you happy! Just as long as you don't feel obligated to do either one of them!


When this first popped up, Pat, I thought it was a huge, beautiful pansy. But as it got bigger I can definitely see the lightning. Fun puzzle. Thanks.


Thanks Pat! You know me, I will work them both. I do believe I like the swirled one better. It reminds me of the whirlygigs the little kids play with or put out in the yard to blow in the wind.


Aishahm, I wasn't sure how many similar goldi-monster puzzles you'd want to do, so I'm also showing you a "sneak preview" of the other loony I made from this, in case you'd rather spend the time on it instead. Or neither--that's fine, too! And so is anyone else's solving them--I'm not going to remove them, so if anyone wants to do one, have fun! LOL!:-)))


Thanks, Chailie, Edie, Aishahm (I'll make it later, and you can decide at your leisure!), Robbie, and Lela--maybe the frogs have had more than enough of the tadpole-secretion-extraction process and are escaping... :-)))


You are correct, Gypsy-Rose-Robbiel...........


Hmmmmmm.....I predict that a big-eared looney will come along and beat my time!! Very cool PD. I like the purple frogs hopping out of the middle jumping through mustard coloured weed! The yellow clothes pins/dividers are cool too. Thanks.


Hmmmm.....should I or shouldn't I?


In some ways Loony was easier because you now had a direction that everything was going but it took me longer to solve. Great set. Thanks Pat


I love the bright colours and the pattern in this one. Thanks for posting.