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Another Flower Quilt

49 pieces
154 solves
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Pat, after reading your comment and aishahm's on the 400 piecer, I was thinking that maybe I should have made it a public one. Geeez, I just clicked on it to see the pieces again, and I don't know. All I could see was spots before my eyes. LOL


I LOVED the large size--1:28:08--so it was challenging, yes, but perfectly doable--and FUN!!!!!!! I hope other people see the link, because I know there are lots of people who would love to do it! Thanks again, Wendy! :-)))


Is that a question, chilisand? LOL ;-)


Fun, crochet? Thank you


Here you go, Pat....


PJ, are you trying to say that this one is colorful? I suppose it is. ;-)

Oh, Hester, I don't understand why Mandy and Pat took it upon themselves to plot your demise. I'm sure that they were part of your fall from the board. Bad Mandy and Pat! LOL

Ardy, I so agree with you! It really does look like it was crocheted. I think I might post the background to this one tomorrow by itself (without the flowers).

Mandy, how many quilts did you see today? LOL Don't answer!

roerick and Katie, you're right. These take an especially long time to create...but I love making them. And of course I love the fact that you enjoy them.

Pat, I'll post this one in a super large size for you privately. It's too complicated to get many solves. I'll be back shortly.


Ooh, ooh, ooh--yowzer!!! I love it, and I would love it even longer in a very large size! If you have a spare slot--or even if you post it in a private puzzle--I'd love to solve this in a Starla size! LOL! Thanks, Wendy--it's fabulous!!!


Wow! Wendy, this is fabulous! It must have taken you eons to create. Thank you ever so much!


This is going to be fun---I can tell already. You put in an awful lot of hard work and time on this puzzle. Thanks. Here goes.


The best quilt I've seen all day!!! It really is wonderful Wendy, and must have taken many hours to create :~)


Wendy, this is lovely. It really looks like crocheted or knit squares sewn together into a beautiful quilt. Thank you. That's a huge amount of work in that puzzle.


Squinty eyed and happy ,and for a brief moment in time ( 3:29) the only star on the board! I'll soon be slip sliding away but for now I'm fluffing up my feathers and preening myself! Thanks, Wendy, I had a ball!


Wendy - this was a 'puzzle puzzle' - go hunt for colors!!!! The color hunt was so enjoyable and the flowers so delightful, jolly, happy :-))))