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A country road I drove yesterday

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Taken January 15, 2022
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Similar to here. The drifting makes it hard to measure it.


0nly 10 inches. But lots of drifting snow.

Yes it was.


That was good, Ianto.

Another one of the guys came and salted the sidewalks.


Wow, that's a pretty fast rate, Parson. How many inches total did you get?

I'm glad they weren't that bad, Ianto.

The rain was over night, then turned back to snow. The sidewalks were not that bad. I will be careful, Thanks.

PW you got a workout.


I waited for an hour when there were 3 more inches of snow.


Too bad it will turn to rain, Ianto. Please don't go out until they DO take care of the sidewalks, etc.
Oh, wow, Parson. I hope you don't have to go anywhere. Stay home by the fireplace and keep warm. From the sound of it, it's coming down fast. Too bad your shoveling was for nought.
I agree -- they are beautiful in the winter, Sylvia. And no need to be sorry. we all do things as we can.

The office in my complex is closed today. I have no idea if anything will be done.


I was out shoveling snow this morning at 5 a.m. and 2 hours later there is 2 more inches of snow on the sidewalk.


Better late than never! Sorry, Li! Love your small country roads and they are even more beautiful when there is snow on the ground.

I will. It will be stopping in an hour or so. I will find out in a little while.


We are getting 5-10 inches tonight.


That will make it slippery, Ianto. Be careful if you have to go outside.

That I will, There were already people playing in it. In the dark.

It is going to turn to rain for a while than back to snow.


Enjoy it while it's clean, Ianto.


From our last storm we got 13", but it's compacted on the ground down to 6-8, Parson. It's hard to tell due to wind and drifting.

I'm getting snow now.


How much snow did you get, Li?


Thanks, Jackie. I DO drive carefully. I don't take chances. Hugs and love to you, too.

Li, be carful going down back roads. You know what I mean. Hugs and love. will talk soon.

You are welcome,


Thanks, Ianto.


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