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Orthodontic Goat - Cabra Ordontica

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Advertisement for a Spanish orthodontic office.
Why this advertisement?


  1. Hippo4310:40
  2. Ianto13:50
  3. campbelre14:31
  4. treker18:25
  5. erny34519:16
  6. herreman19:32
  7. PuzzleBug23:33
  8. DarlinClementine26:29
  9. jojo5332:21


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Me too...

I love watching videos of baby goats jumping around. They are the very picture of the expression "joie de vivre". One video showed a baby goat saying "Maaaaa!" and a human baby responding with "Aaaaaah!" They went back & forth for a while. You could hear laughter in the background. :-)


Plus: eating my straw hat, getting out of their pen and racing down the highway, kids jumping on my shoulders if I sat down anywhere near them. Can't you tell I loved my goats? I did - they made me laugh so hard.

@Jeannie_D Maa-aaa-aa! :-)


@PuzzleBug - I used to raise goats, is how I'm familiar with them.

@KittyCounselor - I thought so too. :-)

@Jeannie_D I learn new things every day. I've been around goats & handled them, but never looked at their teeth. Apparently all ruminants have no top teeth. thanks for the education. :-)

Bizzz Djinnfeez! :-)

Param - I left the tatoo in the highest tree I could climb. :-)


Ha! (Hmm, where'd they find a goat with teeth on both bottom and top?)


HAHA, un (ortho)dentiste qui ne manque pas d'humour.
Cela change des affiches mentionnant des conseils hyper sérieux dans les salles d'attente . Merci pour ce sourire irrésistible.
Bizzzzzzzzz to you PuzzBug.


I like your smile!
Fantastic flossing!
Now . . . where is that tattoo you were talking about?


That's hysterical!



Why this advertisement?