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Amongst the greenery
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  1. soo2:14
  2. racoonstar2:21
  3. Arug2:37
  4. SuzeeQ2:41
  5. bhelen2:41
  6. alcina2:47
  7. lkershaw2:48
  8. mackenziesierra2:50
  9. Lynetteoz2:54
  10. thebetterhalf3:05


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I will do my best beyond words but she is not very co-operative :-)


While I'm going back and doing older puzzles of Willow I had bookmarked, I'd still love to see her latest photos. She doesn't really need to look at the camera every time--just stay still and show off her beautiful body and perhaps her tail long enough to get a shot.


Where do you live dblay? :-)


Definitely GORGEOUS and adorable! I love this sweet picture.


Yes he does all that and I only clean her plates - but that does not impress Willow at all :-)


Does the attention he gives her merit these reactions. Is he the one who feeds her etc?


Ok londalynn you asked: She yowls when he leaves the apartment and then sits against the door. Me still being home does not count. He works from home so she sits on his keyboard for attention especially when he is busy. I am ignored. Follows him to the bathroom and leaves if I go in there. The list goes on and on......... :-)


hi Lynette, what does Willow do to show she is a Daddy's girl?


Thank-you for all your kind thoughts Helen. Willow is a gorgeous pet and a real daddy's girl. I would like to put more pics of her on jigidi but she's not very co-operative :-)


What a beauty! Such gorgeous markings and colors! Thanks for sharing this beauty, on Jigidi!


Thanks Pammi - she is lovely :-)


Too, too beautiful, Lynette. What a stunner your girl is and such an obliging little poser. ♥♥


The sweet face hides how naughty she can be Impie :-)
Never considered card making before soo but agree it would make a lovely one :-)


Peek-a-boo gorgeous. Not sure if you are into making cards Lynetteoz but this would make a beautiful one ♥


Willow has such a sweet face, Lynetteoz,she is absolutely adorable. :-)


I never thought of the heat being hard on indoor plants, but it really doesn't look fake - looks very healthy. :) Sounds like Willow is the same as Foxy as when Foxy sees the camera she immediately disappears - but this is a lovely shot of Willow. :)


Thanks SuzeeQ she is a lovely girl :-)

Such a cute cat Lynetteoz! ! Thanks for putting the photo in the jigsaw!!!!


And you never will Jill because it is fake - but a really good one. Fake plants and flowers have come along way thank goodness because the heat can be really tough on plants here. Glad you like this shot of Willow as she is usually not very helpful when the camera is out :-)


A beautiful shot of Willow, Lynette, really like all your plants too, what's the long one on the right, I don't recognize it? :)

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