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Carriage, Old Quebec City

24 pieces
400 solves
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I'll throw a bit of this snow your way chookie - sounds like you'll need it!!!
We had a real stinker yesterday, but today is OK. Have you still got the Jigidi gremlins in the system? I'm - touch wood - all systems go here!


Yep, the place is deserted - thanks everyone for your comments on this one:) Thanks for your concern, punkin, after going back to bed, I feel a lot better thanks!

I feel for the poor horse. Quebec winters are not pleasant.


Feel better, chookies!
This is a great puzzle you have posted. Looks like winter to me! :)


Don't be like that, gnt, I haven't been able to solve any puzzles because of jigidi problems and today I'm not feeling very well. I'm sure you have posted wonderful ones, because you always do, and I'll get to them as soon as I can! LOL


Love it.


sorry u dont like my puzzles but thats life LOL


Ha ha, perhaps the fellow is just trying to make a living, Robbie - although I don't think he'll get any tourists today!!!


I was thinking along the same line Robbie, not a customer in sight, even though it does look pretty.


That guy better go home and sit by his fire chooks! Old Quebec is fun to explore in the summer and looks lovely here but no way do I want a tour in this! Fun puzzle, thanks.