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Racing to the Meeting!

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134 solves
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Mandy - I hadn't seen this as an aerial view. How brilliant you are! That makes me like the puzzle so much more! Thank YOU!!!


I wouldn't mind wandering around these streets with such beautiful buildings on every corner!! Thanks Jan :~)))


First of all, Magda, I LOVE your new look! What a wonderful avatar!
And, you are so right about the meeting! LOL


Roads all blocked, you will be late for the meeting!


Hester - Keep running, harder there girl.....gotta catch up! Look there's a rabbit. Oh darn, distracted again!!

Thanks so much, Ardy!!


Two hours later speedy Hester is still on top but I just slipped on the bottom. This wasn't as hard asi had thought it would be. Thanks, Jan. It was also fun.


Ha! That won't last, I see Miss Speedie Edie is up and about and roaming the paths of Jigidi! I'm heading for the slippery slope! LOL


Hester - They are racing to a collision in my vision. Melting is a fun image, too! Glad you liked it, Miss Smarty Pants at the top of the board!!


Confusing at the start, but when I cottoned on to the fact that the kaleidos were melting I had a good run at it! Thanks, Jan, loved this one! :-)