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Friesland, other cities, Grou

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Thanks friends, you're welcome.


Thanks for your wonderful information, Ank!!


Yes, Ank, thank you for the great pictures and the interesting extra information.


Very nice, Ank. Thank you for your explanation about the boats.


Suzy we crossed, I hope you'll read my comment to Jan.


Thanks Jan and Lorna. Glad you like it. Lorna I make Netherlands specialists from you girls. Jan I know you love the mills and there are coming more. Tomorrow I have a special one. And you have to solve the tomorrow collage, you will find it a surprice.


An amazing picture of the sailboats, Ank.


Yes Ank. I see exactly what you mean. And your explanation about the mill is fascinating - I am learning lots about your lovely country Thank you!


I, too, love the windmill, Ank! I am a bit concerned about the racing boats. Now, I have sailed only a few times, but that one boat looks like it is completely on its side in the water!
Great photos!


Hoi, als het maken van collages net zoveel tijd zou kosten als het maken van deze commentaren zou de lol er wel af gaan. Gelukkig is dat maar een enkele keer. Ik kom met Grou trouwens in een ongekende situatie. Normaal heb ik heel veel kleine foto's en keus genoeg voor collages. Nu is het andersom, ik heb nog heel veel grote foto's en morgen post ik de laatste collage. Ik heb gewoon geen kleintjes meer.


Mooie collage!!


Hi Hanne Graciela and Sandy, we crossed, it took me some time to write all that. Thanks


Thanks Shirley Jacques Sissy and Jan.
This kind of small mills are specialy for helping to keep the land dry, they pump the water out the ditches in the bigger canals. In the next days I will post more of this mills.
Jan I know you are a joker but
About the boats I give the word to Wikipedia:
A skûtsje (pronounced 'skootshuh') is a Frisian sailing boat of the type tjalk, originally an ordinary cargo boat, but today a prized ship and one of the icons of Frisia. Skûtsjes were built from the 18th century until about 1930 and are 12 to 20 m long and on average 3.5 m wide, with a maximum of 4 m (based on the standard dimensions of Frisian bridges and sluices).
In the 1920s and 1930s many skûtsjes were fitted with engines and after World War II the sails were even often removed. Nevertheless other, much larger, powered boats took over water transportation in the area and many skûtsjes were rebuilt into houseboats or luxurious sailing yachts. Over time, more and more were restored to their original state.
There is a yearly racing event in Friesland called Skûtsjesilen. Such races were already held in the early 19th century, but since 1945 they are regulated through a committee, SKS. In these races, each Skûtsje represents a city or village. In 1981 another organisation, IFKS, also started organising races.
This racing already started early in the 20th century where viliges in Friesland or more precisely often the bar and hotel owners made prices available for the winner. At that time the skipper and his family lived on board in a narrow cabin and before the race the family and the interior of the cabin was placed ashore to appear as light as possible at the start of the race.


I like them all. Thanks Ank.


Great set Ank, thanks


That sailing looks dramatic!! Thanks Ank!!


What is up with the boats. Are these called the alphabet boats? Just kidding.


Love the windmill thanks Sissy


mooie ansichtkaart Ank


unusual shape windmill, but very nice, Thanks for the explanation of the water management, Ank.


Nakitee, I understand that you can read English, better as I write French. So thanks for your lovely comment. See you.

Merci pour votre commentaire très interessant !


Patty an other mill for you.
Lorna a few days ago I told about the high water, this is what I wrote:
Lorna we have lots of water and a very good water management. When there is too much water in the canals they pump it to the IJssellake or the Lauwerslake. From this two big lakes they flush it to the Waddensea. Normaly that's no problem, only 2 years ago. There was very much rain, the water was very high. There was a very hard North wind and there was Spring tide. You saw a few days ago in Holwerd that very high water. Well then they could not flush. That days there was a problem. The biggest problem was in Grou, There broke a dike. It was on a recreation island.Fortunately it was out of season. Then they swamp pieces of land, they made controlled flooding. And thus was averted the danger.
On this photo you can see the high water in Grou.

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