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Aix En Provence, France

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Over the entrance to a courtyard, in Aix En Provence.
Notice the three keys?
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  1. Robbos0:39
  2. Hasli0:49
  3. JillianB1:00
  4. curda11:04
  5. norcaltype1:09
  6. AngelaGasparini1:10
  7. sammiegirl1:13
  8. RetiredOkie1:21
  9. rahas1:22
  10. BigR1:22


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Good morning @smazik, I appreciate your nice comment and I agree with you, it seems entrances were made with more ‘creative intent’ in the past. Thank you for working the puzzle ! Have a great Tuesday :)


Beautiful crown above the entrance , people were still creative at that time .


Tea there is a problem with Jigidi and Social Media Sharing. You can read it here : Marina.


Yes, at least the pandemic has allowed us more time for puzzles :) You’re right @mandato, curiosity keeps us young! I learn something new everyday from the puzzles and comments, keeps the cobwebs out of the corners of my mind, lol :)) Have a nice Sunday!


No worries, Tea. I enjoyed the research... 1 of the many joys of jigidi is
learning more about the posts, and fascinating variety of posters....and
now we have more time - can I be grateful?? Thanks again for a beautiful,
interesting post that sparked curiosity. Good wishes returned.


Hello Marina, I’m happy you liked it :) How have you been? I have 3 sweet friends in Athens, in the music industry and hear interesting things about your city! Take care and stay safe :)


@mandato, Oh no . . I see you posted this yesterday, I’m sorry, it’s just now on the screen. Sometimes I have a few technical issues. I appreciate the research you did, wow, that’s fascinating and older than I thought!!
I think I may have gotten my photos mixed up, Avignon is very close to Aix En Provence where I stayed. I spent a lovely day in Avignon and this entrance apparently came from there. Thanks again for researching and satisfying my curiosity :)) Until later, Tea


I like the puzzle very much.


You're lucky to have been there, Tea.
Well, here's what Dr. Google heraldry site turned up for 3 keys:

Avignon (Vaucluse): Gules three keys fessways in pale.
Motto: Unguibus et rostro. Arms granted in 1342 by Pope Clement VI. The keys and tinctures recall the arms of the Papacy, which resided in Avignon from 1309 to 1377 and which owned the city from 1348 to 1790.

Reminds me of the Trivial Pursuit Game we used to play in the 80's ...and the curious DO stay young!! LOL.


. . Hmmm, I’m curious too. I’ll try to find out ‘bout the keys. The courtyard behind it was interesting, no grass, just a patterned, white cobblestone area, with a few statues and benches (If I remember right). Thank you for working it :)


I agree with JillianB. Lovely & beautifully balanced photo . I DID notice the
3 keys & wondered what they stood for. I think in jewelry they mean 'health, wealth & love'. Just curious. Thanks for an interesting puzzle, Tea.


Thank you Jill :)


That is quite spectacular, thank you Tea

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