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Woven Weirdly

48 pieces
98 solves
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Francine, if you don't know how to use a program or other tools to create something, patience is the only virtue that works, because you have to do it all by hand! LOL!!!

Thanks so much, whatnauts and Kathy! I'm afraid I'm napping more than I'm Jigidi-ing, but I guess that's what my body is telling me I need right now. This is the original puzzle that I used to make the one that looks like a scattering of cards, but this time I kept it straight, and just added the extra patterns. I'm glad you like it--I think it added a little pizzazz! And never apologize for alliteration--that's my favorite mode of communication! :-)))


Great puzzle, great comments - weirdly, wildly winningly wonderful! (Apologies to the alliteration-averse!)


Pat, it's great. And boy, you're good at this, and patient too.


Woven wildly. Not to mention cool and awesome. Thanks PD. Hope you are getting lots of rest after your busy day yesterday.


That's an interesting thought--I guess I would count myself among those woven weirdly, too... But those who are can also be the most interesting and unexpectedly delightful people to know--I think! Thanks, Kate--I'm glad you liked this!


Love this with the bright colors and patterns woven seemingly randomly on top of the dark background. I've often thought that I was "woven weirdly" but definitely not with this beauty. Thanks for this delightful puzzle.


Oh, Francine, you're giving me too much credit! I drew each rectangle one by one, going around randomly so that they'd look interwoven. The final patterns were just that LunaPic paint where you can change a section to a clipboard image--so I used a few of my old puzzles for that. I'm afraid this old dog still hasn't learned many new tricks...But thanks! :-)))

I hope at least poor Junee is on your side--I haven't checked your adventures since early this morning, but I remember she was hungry! And Lela had tea and cakes anyway, while you were floating around, so you deserve your feast! Thanks, Robbie!


I'm on this side with food and drink, Lela is on the other side hungry and thirsty.......How does he get through that intrically woven fence PD?!.......Actually I couldn't care less, I'm just feeding my face and getting sozzled on swizzles!!!
Cool puzzle PD, thanks.


Interesting weaving. You've mastered layers. Fun, BTW.