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Shiny Ornaments! - Theme Puzzle (S)

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Donna, thank you so much for the holiday wishes! Merry Christmas to you, too. And, thanks for the sweet comment, too. Jan (*ᴗ*)


You may remember, Kirsten, that we once had a Christmas trim shop. Ergo, lots of inventory made it home with me during the years. LOL I used to decorate 2 trees a year.....big ones! Now, we are happy with a small-ish one and so many friends and family are happy with my "leftover" ornaments. Win-win! Thanks!! (*ᴗ*)


This is beautiful, JiggyBelle! Such lovely colors and designs. Thanks so much for sharing and have a happy Christmas. Donna


Absolutely glorious!! I would consider having a tree again I reckon, if you would decorate it with your beautiful kaleidos. Thanks Jan! (❛ᴗ❛)


Thanks, Chrissie. Go ahead and take all that you'd like. They'd be honored to hang out with you for the holidays!! (*ᴗ*)


Francine, thank you! I'm very happy that you liked this one. It was fun to make! (*ᴗ*)


Jill, I am so happy that you enjoyed it! Thank you for letting me know. That means a lot. (*ᴗ*)


Ardy, thank you! You have made the whole group of them blush with pleasure!! Of course you may take all of them home with you, if you'd like. Sending you big Christmas hugs!! (*ᴗ*)


Sandi, thank you!! You may take that one and put it up in your house if you'd like. I'm glad you had fun!! (*ᴗ*)


Gorgeous + !
Any one of them (or indeed all) would be welcome to hang out on our tree :-)
Thanks for a touch of ornamental bling, Jan!


Beautiful, Jan. Thanks.


Lovely, Jan. I really enjoyed this. Thank you!


Jan, what a treasure of ornaments. While they are all beautiful I do have favorites - Top row yellow, green and pink ones plus that little tiny blue on the right edge. Under them the pink one. In the middle the big green then the red poinsettia. On the bottom the left corner plus the blue one and the yellow center one with the red wreath around it and finally the smaller green in the bottom right corner. And the baby pink on the bottom. I think it will grow up to be a beauty. Of course none of these are equal to my bell and my candy cane. Thank you, dear friend. ((HUGS))


Love the big one in the bottom left corner best of all! Thanks, Jan, for a colorful and fun solve.