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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Foxy ..... :) :)

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Thank you, all, for stopping by and leaving Birthday Wishes.... You all are the best.....

Even you PG... Though you definitely got our order wrong.... We asked for Sam Elliot or George Clooney. And all you gave us was Santa... Get it right next time, please.... We're old, but we're not THAT old....


I hope it is a large plot or pot and this does not go viral on the internet about the two of you and Santa. What is this I hear about you having to get a large screen TV in order for Ditto to view your tapes of Santa going up and down the chimney? I was under the belief her eyesight had improved to the point when you did not have to magnify you silent movies. At least Santa had his socks on in this version.


Thanks, Snookums... yes, it's one of yours :-)


Dear PG, I am at a loss for words... well, almost... to reply to you especially in light of your puzzle today! Bail money was not needed (we have a good lawyer!) but thanks for offering. The mouse innards were non-existent but the chicken parts were particularly tasty :-)

More later...

We are plotting...


What a cheery happy face, our Birthday Girl has, hope you enjoyed your day Chrissie, Thank you Sally for this delightful puzzle, :):)


Beautiful artistry Sally. I'm sure Chrissie will love it and all the individual touches you've used.


Sounds like you had a great birthday, Foxy and now it's Christmas. Merry, merry!!


Great puzzle....just cubes of fun, it is!!!
A Merry Christmas to you both!!!


This is a great puzzle for Foxy. Thanks Sally.
Rushing, bookmarking both for later.
It's already Christmas Day for you - Enjoy.

Love this puzzle. There is her self with a big smile in many happy pictures - think I took one of them. :) Great puzzle and again many happy returns, Foxy.


Yes, there is going to be a hot time in the old town tonight. I do not want to even think of all the festivities going on down under once they are helped out of their chairs. Make sure when you are able to get up you take Her Royal Foxness for a good meal of chicken parts and mouse innards a true fox delight. Have fun for as long as you both can stay up and have everyone tell you how much fun you had since you will not remember by the morning. Try to stay out of trouble it is very expensive to wire bail money down there with the exchange rates the way they are. Love to both of you.


Thanks for your lovely wishes, Kirsten! Yes, pressies two days in a row is fun as an adult but as a kid it was a lo-o-o-o-ng time between drinks, mate :-) Methinks you methinks right - it's great having friends and family around.

We are in the same room but each in our own comfy recliner chairs - can't see what Sally is writing but I hear her laugh a lot :-) The boxymoron is too funny - you are good, girl!


And now I've solved your puzzle, I realise that you must have made a typo when you created your profile name. You meant to type boxymoron! Right? LOL


Happy Birthday Chrissie!! Gosh two days in a row of being showered with gifts!! What fun. I hope you have a great evening, and are spending it with people you love. (me thinks you might be!)

And you two are heelarious. Aren't you in the same room as each other? Possibly on the same couch? Love that you're leaving comments on the puzzles to each other! :-DDD


Sure, when I'm 104 years old... no worries, mate :-)


So, now that you've been cubed... Is your next adventure bungee jumping.... Happy Birthday, mate.... :) :)


Thank you, Sally. I do believe I've never been cubed on my birthday before :-) Love Tweety :-)