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…Pettson is still Ahhing & Ohhing doing the disco dance safely on the lakes side grass because the crayfish is angry and chomping hard on Pettson’s foot…
Even in agony Pettson has a flash of the swimming champion 50 years ago….
Our Findus is standing patiently on the dock and probably wondering why Pettson didn’t listen to him😺
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I can imagine just how painful this is! Poor Pettson. Thank you Eva.


He has got quite the moves going there. Get that boot off Pettson and yes Findus he really should have listened to you! Thanks Eva 😊& hugs


I love Pettson's disco dance and his vision of the much younger version of himself! Thanks for the fun Eva, with hugs. ♥♥

The portrait of the old Pettson is fantastic ! Many thanks Eva !

At least Findus is getting a 'show' while he is waiting for Pettson to get his boot off. :-)

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