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One of the oldest pubs in Norwich.
Great beer, fantastic food, relaxed and comfortable suroundings. The Murderers freehouse dates back to 1530 and is one of the last family owned public houses in Norwich City Centre kept in traditional state and full of nooks 'n' cranies.

There are tales of two murders in The Murderers' grisly and macabre history. It was discovered that the name, previously thought to be a reference to a murder committed by a prostitute, actually related to another crime. It was found out the real murder was perpetrated by an ex-cavalryman who killed his estranged wife, Mildred (Millie).

Dating back to 1696, the property was bequeathed to St. Johns Church on Timberhill by the then Lord Mayor of Norwich Nicholas Bickerdyke with the rent being distributed to the Anguishes Foundation for Girls , founded by Norwich Lord Mayor of 1611, Thomas Anguish, who created a hospital provision for the ciy's poor children - This remains the case to this day.

We can trace the landlords back to at least 1841. (To put that into context, Marks & Spencer were formed in 1884, Morrisons in 1899, Sainsbury's in 1869 & Tesco in 1919). The Gardeners Arms gained it gruesome nickname of "The Murderers" following the events of June 1895. The pubs landlady Maria Wilby had a daughter Millie, was murdered by her estranged husband Frank Miles following an argument the previous evening when Millie was seen walking into the pub with another man.

Frank was tried and convicted to hang for his crime. However his sentance was commuted to life in prison following public outcry claiming he was provoked. Frank died in prision in 1905. Contempary newspaper articles from 1895 are available on the walls of the pub for further reading.

Today, despite retaining the trading name of The Gardeners Arms it is better known as... The Murderers.

In a 1904 Trade directory it was listed as a Hairdressers as well as a pub. On the 27th and 29th April 1942 the pub was damaged by enemy action whilst Norwich was hit by the German Air force. In September 1991 the pub was extended to incorporate the Murderers Café Bar.
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“Here we go, here we go, here we gooooo” whoops singing already, had to strengthen my courage to visit this one Brian lol.


Excellent history! Perhaps the hairdresser was necessary to re-coif patrons' hair from its standing on end when hearing the backstory of the place. and perhaps today's name lets the public know that the proprietor weeds out non-serious ale drinkers. Another great choice for the pub crawl, Mr. Ambassador.

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