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Even sheep dogs are working from home.

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Where's the beef?


Obviously this dog is a Christian. If the dog were a Muslim, all the sheep would be hiding under their beds...

(I will gladly delete this comment if it offends any of the readers,... so you will not be needing your scimitar...)

Actually, looks like a mutiny is going on with those sheep!


It CAN take some time to get to the front door of my compound.


After an in-depth analysis, @girlinaglass92, I reckon some of the contributors here have been in quarantine for years. Maybe decades. Hoff probably centuries...

You people have all been quarantined for waaayyy too long!!!!! Affecting your brains. Keep it up!!!!! ; ))))))


He herd about the relief payments.


He's probably getting really sleepy counting all those sheep.


I am afraid he has nearly given up. He is even losing interest in mice.


Perhaps he should try 'cut and paste'.... and if it doesn't work, there's always mutton soup and lamb chops


He keeps sighing and clicking the mouse, trying to click and drag the sheep apart.

Looks like a difficult job to do from home.


Those sheep are NOT practicing social distancing.

Get out there, Shep, and DO something!!