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Raise your hand if you've ever supplied your neighbors with tomatoes.

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Raising my hand! o/


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Wish I was your neighbor, photogent! :)


Between these and the big "Z" you cannot give them away fast nuff. I did green beans and they are just as bad about getting rid of them. I was picking beans and when I got a full culinder I pulled the plant.




You'll wish you hadn't....Hee hee.


gemstone, that's funny!
LOL! Laura, I can just picture you doing that! How funny!!! If I ever need zucchini, I'll come see you!


Our neighborhood gets zucchini. I have ot leave them on people's doorsteps, ring the bell, and run.


The old story goes that at harvest time in small communities you NEVER left your car unlocked, otherwise you'd return and find it filled to the brim with zucchini! :)


Gene you have a great sense of humor and I know that will get you through a lot of things! I'm glad we're friends on Jigidi!
Graciela, that's too funny!!!
Lyndee, good neighbors indeed!
fodus, I like the small ones too and eat them the way you do.
anitas, I've never planted zucchini, but I've heard it produces abundantly! :)


Very true, as well as zucchini, lol.


We have to plant the smaller tomatoes as the weather has been weird. No heat to ripen them. You can eat the smaller toms like candy...just go pick some & pop them in your mouth. I occasionally buy a 'hamburger' tomato for sandwiches.


Actually, I've been more on the receiving end when it comes to garden vegetables. Great neighbors!


I raise my hand Nana, the neighbour plants them and I get my tomatoes.


I miss a lot of things now that I used to do but thats life so I try to get by with what I can and when I can LOL


Thank you, Gene! I don't plant as many as I did in the past. I know you miss gardening.


Thank you, dave! Wow! That's some big tomatoes! I usually plant the Better Boys and the plants cover my fence and produce quite a lot of tomatoes. I enjoy sharing them with the neighbors.


Raising my hand o/ been a long time but when I could I did....thanks for posting Nana


Love your puzzle Dottie. One of my favorite vegies for the garden is tomatoes. Last year we had a few over one pound each. Lovely.