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I TOLD YOU it wasn't any greener over there!

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  1. Camellia0:45
  2. JUNKMAN0:46
  3. Dilubreuer0:51
  4. Shalena20:54
  5. simplething0:55
  6. gerrymaes0:56
  7. Yanna800:57
  8. onetastetex0:58
  9. Dclo0:59


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That is one brave cow. I'm surprised the horse did not poop on it.


Illinoisian, I would bet they covered the horses eyes (blinders?) and kept it calm while another cut either side of the pipe and then the horse would just step through. On a lighter note I am very sure the cow was sent to his room! thanks Illinoisian, Dclo

How will they get the horse out of that fence? She's very calm.


Either that or come out her bottom? Not her back bottom her bottom bottom. Hoorah PW!, Dclo


Some animals have no horse sense. With the cow laughing at the horse I wonder if she'll laugh hard enough for milk to come out of her nose?

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