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Mama Mia Spicy Turkey Meatball Soup

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From the Modern Honey website of chef Melissa Stadler.


A healthy soup made with lean turkey meatballs, spinach, chickpeas, marinara sauce, and parmesan cheese. This is a flavorful gluten-free meatball soup.

This Mama Mia Spicy Turkey Meatball Soup is so flavorful that you will forget that you are eating something good for you!

It is made with flavorful turkey meatballs without all of the fillers. Marinara sauce and fresh basil add such fresh flavor.

I may live in the middle of the desert in perpetual sunny Arizona but believe it or not, it does get cold here. A big bowl of comforting soup can really warm us up! ... You don't need pasta to enjoy a flavorful, spicy bowl of meatballs.

Most meatballs call for breadcrumbs and egg as binders but this recipe only calls for ground turkey, red chili flakes, and a touch of garlic salt.

The base of the soup is marinara sauce + chicken broth. This is what makes it so easy – you just pick up a jar of your marinara sauce and add some broth and the base of the soup is done. You add a can of chickpeas (garbanzo beans), fresh chopped spinach (because we are upping the health factor), and top with grated sharp + salty pecorino romano cheese and fresh torn basil leaves.

A little tip: finely dice up the baby spinach leaves and your kids won't even detect it!

[Yeah, because lying to your kids about food is such a great idea.]

* * * *


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450 pieces - (largest)
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It is ONE pot!!!! *lol* :-))

Hubby cannot drive....I do all the 'getaway' driving!!!! LOL


@Donnajames Ah, I didn't realize you crossed the state line all the time. It makes you sound like the getaway driver! I love soup, but then even on perfect cold days, I think about the washing-up and often cancel the plan. A scurrilous quality that I humbly admit to.


@Mischka - Arizona is right across the river from us. All of our doctors and shopping are over there. Yes, it does get "cold" in the winter (around 35-40F, sometimes colder) where I live. This soup would be fantastic during the 3+ months it is 'cold'! I make a lot of soups during that time. ;-)) dj






I love carbs too much; I would want a large bread basket on the table, too.

@Donnajames - How about it? I know you're in that general area of the country (within a thousand miles or so); does it get really cold there? :-)

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