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  1. Dclo2:42
  2. LadyDonna12:48
  3. l_bethoney2:56
  4. Navea3:03
  5. mvt3:04
  6. NickNase3:10
  7. Djw5674e3:17
  8. mbirdancer3:26
  9. GEmommy4:05
  10. Noriam184:05


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Please feel better Chris, we are pulling for you❤


Rosee, Glad Your pain is somewhat better! Heating pad and rest is all I know to do when the back is being ugly...
My weekend started off splendidly.... I tested positive for Covid. You all be safe!


Gordon +oldandancient, thank you. I do have a heating pad actually 3 of them. The pain got so bad I would just lay on the floor and cry. I am no wimp when it comes to pain, but this was enormous. It has eased up greatly, and I brought new pillows and bedding. I appreciate you guys thinking about me ❤❤


I'm so sorry to hear of your back problems TTW. I'm not sure if it will help you but can I suggest a combination of being angry and telling the pain it doesn't belong there and to get the blazes away from you and trying to maintain positive thoughts. (This works for me some time). I'll say one for you tonight.


@oldandancient, I hurt my lower back, so I have been trapped at home. I can barely bathe, can't get dressed. Not happy, but dealing I guess.


Enjoyed this one Thanks for another beautiful puzzle!
@ oldandancient good to see old friends!


Hello Gordon!!! Glad you liked it:-))


I enjoyed doing this one TTwistedRosee. Thanks for posting it.


I had to laugh at the naught part. Munchie is 10 and she's still naughty. I love it.


Hi Rosee I have taken some time off but all is well thanks. Hope you are Munchie are doing well too. Yes Willow is lovely and has a beautiful nature but is still very naughty at the same time!! :-)


Always welcome OAA.

@NinnyBob, thanks for stopping by and the child in your photo is adorable.

@Lynetteoz, where have you been? I hope everything is well. I still think your cat is too cute. I bet she knows it:-))


Hi Rosee this is a gorgeous scene and enjoyed doing the puzzle :-)


Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Take care.

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