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Capicollo, Calabrese Salami, meatballs, banana peppers, shredded lettuce, Havarti, and special sauce on a white sub roll

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Posted on Reddit by wazalooo, who was asked, "What’s the special sauce?"

He replied, "Mayo with two dabs of Sriracha and a squirt of mustard." He added that it was from "Peppino's, in Calgary, Alberta (Kensington)."

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Stand back...It's Sammie time.


Wow this will be good! grins!☺


Hold the banana peppers and then send me one please. Yummmmm. :-)) dj

Well I try.

I'm in the running.


Oh, and @Ianto, you are speeding along...

If you are not now the Queen of Jigidi, you soon will be!

Thanks, that will work.😊


It's only a photo; I will make it however you please, and then send it electronically, to show up magically on your plate! :-)

With out the sauce please.



Oh yum!!!


I eat a high-carb diet, but with bread that big, I'd be able to manage about one fifth of this sandwich!

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