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Look what the plow crew did!

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They made this little spot, just for me!
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  1. PaxLab2:11
  2. kenner622:19
  3. Carol662:21
  4. jals2:38
  5. MyBuddy2:59
  6. Rettch3:00
  7. snooperone3:04
  8. Mrs_Quinn_Eskimo3:20
  9. raubaugh3:25
  10. dustydog3:30


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Yes, the snow was just about as tall as him! Now today, we are gong to stay in, as it's really hot and humid out! (Love the different seasons!)
Dusty : )


@dustydog, that was very nice of the plow man to clear a space for DD! That snow looks to be about as tall as he is! :) xxx Gina


This was done by the crew that takes care of our condo HOA. When they showed up to plow and clean sidewalks, I had just stepped out, to clear a spot for Dusty. So one of the guys came over to me, and in a couple scoops of his shovel, he did this. Then he grinned, and went on to the next sidewalk.


I don't believe that snow removal is a part of our city's budget, Dusty's Mom. I wonder how much your city budgets for "And be sure to clear a space for Dusty?" LOL--I am sure he would be worth every penny spent!


Thank you, Carol....and Thank you, Payton!
D's Mom


Shhhh, I will not say a thing........


Unfortunately, Dusty cannot "write" on the snow wall....He was removed from his family, and neutered way too young. hence he never learned what the "big" boys do. (I got him when he was just about 12 weeks old, and he was already "altered") Because of his "early" altering, he still acts like a puppy, even at 11 yrs-old.
Dusty's Mom....(Don't let Dusty know about this!)


How nice of them! Lucky you, Dusty!


Dusty did you "write" in the snow. Yellow snow is a tradition in Canada. lol Also, excellent picture! I will show Payton.


Oh, boy, Dusty. Glad you have some grass (and you can still show what a big dog you are by peeing on the wall of snow :-). The dogwood and azaleas are in bloom where we live and I am already finding some of the days toooooo hot. Your friend, Pax


Dusty - you are so nice to have a little bit of yard again ♥♥

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