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Bobcat 11-13-2021

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This cat decided my yard was just right for his/her 8 hour nap time on both Saturday and Sunday. Typically, they just pass through the yard. I have never seen one hang around all day.
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  1. bob19576:14
  2. nosnow_here6:56
  3. poolcue7:01
  4. ccluff7:25
  5. tilt7:55
  6. NewSong8:33
  7. canalview9:01
  8. smpitino9:14
  9. gmaLAS9:45
  10. beyondwords10:36


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Try with :"Here, kitty, kitty" it might be insulted and go away ;O)


My yard seems to be a sanctuary for wildlife. I guess they feel it is a safe haven. I am fine with that, although I think if I ever see a mountain lion, which are around, show up, I will quietly go indoors! Yikes!


They normaly shy back when humans are around, so You`ve been very blessed to see this one :O)


It did decide to return again the day after I posted this for some water, a 7 hour nap and a bath. Since then, I have only seen it once. It jumped over the wall, scared the birds and left. I was hoping to see some little ones this Spring.




Those roads are so dangerous, especially this time of year, when the weather can't make up it's mind. Black ice is always scary, even if you are used to driving on winter roads there. Very sorry to hear about your brother, how sad. It seems to happen too much up there.


@nosnow_here Saw your note on the "where y'all from" puzzle but decided better to reply here. In all the years I lived there, I never heard of a pile up in the area. Weather must really be bad. That highway is always extremely busy and speeds are higher now. I have family and friends there and as my brother, a young policeman, died in a single car accident on an icy Minnesota freeway, I always worry about winter driving. So glad I don't have to do it any more. A son and his family live up in the White Mountains so they still do, but I don't go up there during winter months.


Thank you, Patsy.


Wow! I have just discovered you and your puzzles. This one is fascinating. ~Patsy


You're welcome Sharon. I know raccoons are around, but that is one thing I haven't seen out here. Minnesota, yes, but not here. Thanks for sharing.


My son and grandson spotted 3 raccoons going through the green space near our house a few nights ago and now and then we see coyotes, but we've never seen a bobcat. Thanks for sharing this beautiful animal with us.


Fascinating, and a fun puzzle.

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