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Dianella Berries

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I'm not sure which variety these are - could be Dianella revoluta or congesta - I've had them for ages!! The leaves are strappy and about 12" high and the flowers are blue with yellow stamens.

Brisbane, Australia.
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Thanks Jill - I'm pleased you liked them:)))


Lovely berries! Great photo. Thanks, Robyn :) - Jill


Thanks Barb - they sure are a nice colour:)))

Tiny Lunie - about as big as a green pea - 1/4" maybe. Thanks :))

The same thing happens here with mushrooms too PuzzleG - thanks :))))

Thanks Suzy - I really like it too:)))


That color is sensational! Don't think I've ever seen a fruit that lovely shade of purple! Wonderful find!


OOOeee Rob, I don't blame you at all! Here in Oregon every year people go out mushroom hunting, & it seems like at least one person always dies from eating the wrong shroom. We buy ours at the stores, even though several kinds of shrooms grow on our property. So you can't be too careful! They are very pretty anyway, thank you for sharing this photo for us all to enjoy & learn from. :-D


How big are they rob? Nice shade of blue...


These berries are gorgeous, edible or not....thanks Rob, I love the look of them :)


It sure is - thanks Patti:))

Maybe Nev - thanks :)))

Hi PuzzleG - thanks for dropping by to comment:)) One site I saw said they were used in herbal medicine and another site said they were toxic!! Seeing as I'm not sure what variety these are - and there are dozens! - I think I'll err on the side of caution and just photograph them!! I don't feel like being a guinea pig:))))) I might end up turning a bluish/purple!!! Thanks :)))


I've never seen or heard of these either, but according to the info I found they are edible. They are so lovely & unusual! Here is the link I found that tells about them:


Rob, never seen these before. The purple colour might be a WARNING to birds. ♥♥♥


New to me! Wonderful color!


I'm not too sure about whether they're toxic or not Floyd - but I've never seem any birds eating them!! Thanks :)))

I'll try and get a pic of the flowers later in the year Jacki - thanks :)))

There are literally dozens of varieties apparently Shirley - lots are native to OZ - and they also grow in India and China!! I had to Google them as I had no idea what they were:))) Thanks:)))


Great picture, Rob, I've not heard of or seen these before, I love their colour, Thanks, Rob.


very pretty, whatever they are. would love to see the flowers when it blooms. thanks rob.


They really look good to eat.


Nothing seems to touch them BK - they just sit there and eventually shrivel up and drop into the garden bed!! I too love the rich colour - thanks :)))


That'a a fascinating color. Do the birds or other wildlife eat them?

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