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These kaleidos were made from images by Francine (bookish), Jacki (bluebird42) and Shirley (Shian2). From top to bottom and left to right here's who inspired what:

Francine Shirley Shirley
Jacki Jacki Jacki
Francine Shirley Shirley

Thanks to all three of you. ♥
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  1. felicityjigidi23:36
  2. jen4822028:21
  3. MarshaG6130:18
  4. eltring32:22
  5. puzzleme233:41
  6. mjjpotter34:02
  7. petra7335:44
  8. gringa4936:37
  9. lizat38:47
  10. selja39:34


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You're welcome, Selja.




You're welcome, Joke.


thank you ardy


You're welcome, Jenny. Bright colors would work best for you. Do the black backgrounds make it harder? Hope your sight comes back soon. Hugs

Thank you for these super leftovers. They were gorgeous. Favs were Centre, centre top and top left. It has been very difficult to settle into the cancer regime and cope weith temporarily losing the sight from the left eye. The colours on these patterns were much clearer for me. I eventually got yesterdays completed and now will do another bookmarked one. Thank you that I have so many pretty ones bookmarked to choose from


You're welcome, Deb. In the 30's and third on the board. Well done.


Thanks, Ardy!

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