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Oliver and Tavish keeping mum's chair warm.
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  1. liertje19782:14
  2. lilsloh2:20
  3. DeDonder2:43
  4. babray2:48
  5. Impie2:56
  6. diane77143:14
  7. hadzi3:18
  8. julierm3:20
  9. ajandfran3:34
  10. Val93:36


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What could be better than a cuddle buddy and a special spot on mom's chair! That's so sweet!


jandchris - Ollie and Tavi thank you for the kisses and compliments!!
They sure are, Patsy. So happy you enjoyed the puzzles!
Betty, we both know our darling rascals/scallywags always look angelic when they're sleeping. 😊
Awwww, Impie, that's so sweet. I'm so grateful they are so bonded with lots of playtime, grooming and snuggles. They keep each other company when I'm busy, although I sometimes don't have the heart to move them from my chair to get back to the computer.
CatloverJudy, that happens to many of us, myself included. They seem to have a sixth sense when the camera comes near. Oh well. 😊

I just love when the cats snuggle up for a nap. Mine always seem to up as soon as I get the camera ready.


Aww.....I'm melting. πŸ’•
Thanks for sharing your lovely kitty boys, Nancy. They are the living prove of the happiness and love you and they are feeling for one another!β™₯β™₯β™₯

Waaayy too cute! ☺β™₯☺β™₯

What a wonderful trio of puzzles! These two are really bonded.

You had better give Tavish a big kiss from me too, or he'll get jealous. :-))

Beautiful, beautiful Kitties and obviously good friends too. :-))

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16 November 2019 - 14 October 2017
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