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Our Calico kitty.
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  1. luly9:34
  2. SairaM9:47
  3. redjenn2279:49
  4. dianajnelson9:56
  5. SusySlais9:57
  6. Wraavr10:04
  7. regrill10:06
  8. peggy6610:06
  9. KRABBE11:39
  10. poolcue11:50


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Ha! She pretty much ignores the hounds. Dickens, our Border Terrier THINKS he's the boss of everyone! Typical terrier attitude.


Thank u Red is Patches the boss over those little puppy's u have? ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ฎ


I hear you! We take care of feral cats around here. The back of my house leads to a small wooded area and a creek and we have some wild animals, including coyotes.


Thank you Susy! We think she's pretty cute too. Unfortunately. we've had to get used to losing cats in our environment. We live VERY rurally, and our twenty acres is pretty much wilderness.


Patches is so cute, Jenn!!! Thanks for sharing . . . and sorry to hear about her twin!


I think she is a wonderful cat, it makes me want to have a cat again, I just love cats and years ago I always had one or more. Enjoy her, she is a jewel Jenn. xx


@luly, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed this. She was probably thinking, "where did that rooster come from?" She is a great cat, follows me around when I"m outside doing anything, including cleaning the chicken coop. xx


Oh my! What a beauty, and a very particular your Calico Kitty is, the eyes are telling us something, I wonder what? Thank you Jenn for posting this special picture! :-)


Beautiful Kitty. Thanks for sharing.


@jandchris and @mble111911, thank you both. Merrie, I also thought it made for a good puzzle, as well as the one of Dickens, I try to post photos that have something of interest in the background, however, not always doable when taking photos of my animals. xx jenn

Beautiful cat! And a great photo for a puzzle. Thanks, redjenn!


Hello darling, how pretty you are.


@SusySlais, this is our current and only cat at the moment. We also had her "twin", but she disappeared late last Summer :(

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