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"Pretty City New York: Discovering New York's Beautiful Places" by Siobhan Ferguson (Author)

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Pretty City New York: Discovering New York's Beautiful Places Hardcover – December 15, 2019
by Siobhan Ferguson (Author)

New York City is known for many things: its urban, high-rise landscape, the bustling atmosphere, and busy business and tourist spots. Pretty tree-lined avenues, cute shops, and serene getaways do not immediately come to mind for this cosmopolitan city, but they are there. Acclaimed Instagrammer Siobhan Ferguson, turns her discerning eye to the Big Apple itself. Travel along with her as she uncovers the hidden gems—the sweet, secluded alleys, the fantastic markets, the artisan boutiques—that New York has to offer, and reveals the beautiful, the quaint, and the downright pretty scattered among the urban landscape of the world's most famous city. Stunning photographs alongside fantastic tips to take your own pictures and create a experience Pretty City New York for yourself make this the perfect book for visitors on foot and armchair travelers alike.
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LOL! I know what to do, I'm just too busy to do it! 3-4 x a day I don't think so!!! Doesn't sound liou haven't slowed down like I have apparently....i should have known after knowing you so long ;-))))


That sounds good, hoe many times a day and how many days? i have little patien e, LOL! Thanks for the explanation, tho' it does sound like a good way to do it ;-))))


Bib, how do you get a moistheating pad. I made some with rice years ago and they are good but I can't keep those thing wrapped around my arms and do anything else but watch TV! then id I do much of aything they start griping again. ;-/


Barbara, so you haven't used a moist heat pad on your sore arms?
It will help. Years ago, when I was 28, and had just had a baby, for
some reason I couldn't lift my left arm. Went to a chiropractor
he said it would cost 700.00 and when we told him we didn't
have that $, he told me to use a moist heat pad, best advice
I was ever given, took care of my problem and have used
the moist heat pad many times since. I just the evening
completed a 600 piece of Ann Boleyn. It is a wonder my arm
isn't hurting. Well, here it is another weekend, we are supposed
to get rain all next week. Distant Hugs, Bib


Hi Pals, we sure can talk, eh? I think a chat on these steps is a great place.
Im better but my arms start hurting after a few big puzzles.
Sorry I missed your puzzle too, we have to be careful.
I havent had a puzzle, need to talk to my doc, not going to sit forever waiting in a car...I already have to drive 40 miles to get there o anywhere as my little community is way out in heaven, LOL!


What are you talking about Bird? Did you post a puzzle that was
against Jigidi guidelines? Great to hear that you got your first
shot. Don't leave us in the dark here........

@Bjresh Barb and Bib, I was not happy my respectful celebratory puzzle was deleted so I refuse to contribute with puzzles to double standard rules. I am only around briefly and behind the curtain.

Barb, our service to our country pays off, I just hope all goes well and as they anticipate, we were given our first Pfizer booster today, only about an hour wait sitting in the comfort of our vehicle and the second booster in about three weeks.
Sorry do not know the name Breece, or many people at all, just a couple of neighbors. We have been here only 3 years and the past one in almost seclusion.
I hope you are doing well and feeling better!

Thank you Bib for letting us sit on your steps!

Sorry been glued to the TV! If it wasn't for my daughter that called to remind me of today. Be back here later on Barb!

Barb I'll be back shortly to leave a chat for you! We can chat forever.

Bib, I could send Barb a private message or we can chat here at the steps of the brownstone and you be able to enjoy the conversation. Let me know. Mila


@Bjresh, if you are like me, you don't scroll down far enough.
I left a message for you after I heard about your fall. Did you
read it? Suggestion for you regarding your shoulders? Scroll
down........... Hugs, Bib


@BirdNana, so good to hear from you! I could talk to you for decades. My paternal family came to Fayetteville by 1768. My dad married, left due to WWII came home in '44 to be stationed at Long Beach, CA for the duration. 9 mos later I appeared as a native Californian. Back to Raleigh until recalled for Korea and based in 1949 in Japan during Korea. He decided to be a "lifer" until 1968 and I am what is lovingly (?) called a Military Brat to the core. That's how the 'organization' grows and OCD sets in. Took quite a while but I got it figured out and and I love an organized surrounding and life. Everything looks better and I am never bored. Nice to meet you, maybe I'll even go back there again tho' no relatives are left now ;( Have you heard the name Breece? I'll claim it anywhere but Fayetteville LOL!!! Thanks for the chat, Mila, nice to meet you! Barb

Bib, I am more of a soldier than my dad or husband. I grew up with my grandparents, the most wonderful ones, loving and disciplined and I like that. The house always cleaned, all in its place, the laundry done, our meals by the clock, etc. I was born an organized person, it comes natural for me, not complicated nor stressed. If I have to live disorganized, I would really go insane. I hate stepping into our garage, my husband's organizational skills are below zero. He wore a uniform for over 20 years, with several commendations.
The fact that the military are the most regimented, is a misconception. And I am not judging just by my husband. I lived within them his entire career.
And I need to say that I do not use the word regimented in a negative way, "to me" is the best of qualities. But I am aware that those that are not organized say we have OCD. I am not judging in any way! I believe in "be and let be" friends not always have to be in agreement, as long as we don't have to live together LOL.

We all shine in our own lights. We come to the world with a package and we work with what we got. And is not like my grandparents demanded anything, actually I lived with them until age 12 and they did everything for me, no shores, I didn't even had to do my own bed. But I kept my toys and possessions in order.

Isaly lives about 4 hours west of me, actually I think she lives up somewhere in the mountains. I am south-central NC next to Fayetteville.
My guess is that you are in Ohio? I lived in Oklahoma for 3 years, can't stand flat. Even Florida was too flat for me, though going up towards the north, to see my father there were elevations.

We already went once to our mountains and I am hoping to go again, but rent a cabin (with neighbors) next time.

Now I better get to my puzzle rounds! Talk soon! Mila

Hi Barb nice to meet you! I am so sorry for your fall. My mom fell a few times and messed up her shoulders, so I am super careful not to fall, but sometimes is unavoidable and definitely not our fault. My cat Oliver is always crossing in front of me, it terrifies me.
I don't know where Waxhaw is and Raleigh is too big of a city for me. I am not in the best area of NC. I wanted much closer to the mountains or closer to Charlotte. I should have rented, get to know the state and then make a decision.
Oh well, things happen for a reason. Mila or Bird, whichever you prefer!

Be back!


BirdNana , I was so stunned to hear about Barbara's attempt at
trying to FLY thru her living room, I didn't scroll down far enough
to read your comment.

You sound very regimented, was your father or husband in the
military? Wish I knew how to get myself straightened out. The
world and I have opposite hours. When I am awake I can't make
business phone calls etc. Why? because they are closed, and when
I sleep they are awake. When I do go to bed early, I am awake
three hours later, so I get on the computer and my goodness,
I look at the clock and it 6 a.m. but I have had success with my
genealogy research during those dark hours, it is never a waste
of time. Keep well, Bib

I too, would love to visit North Carolina, I have many ancestors
who were from there, and some ended up staying there, as the
end of their life came upon them. Isaly lives in your state, are
you near mountains and lots of pine trees? I am in the flat lands
of the state I was born in smack dab in the middle of U.S.


Oh, Barbara, I feel everything you went thru, as I been there, done that.

My poor Maggie, is gone now, but I have tripped on Maggie's leash while walking out in the street as she would move from side to side,
in front of me. I would try to hold her in place so she couldn't do that, but it rarely worked. FLYING, trying with all my might to grab hold of something to stop the momentum, I have done that so
many times, three times sent me to E.R. Your description brings
back so many memories, I have tears in my eyes for you. Have you
tried a moist heat pad on your sore areas, not dry heat now. Heal
well my friend, you will be in my thoughts. Bib


@BirdNana I am envious, you in NC. Always wanted to live there, my family was there eons -iwas the first from NC or SC born out of those states since the Rev. I stYed with a cousin in Waxhaw for a few months on 2006 and lived in Raleigh between WWII and .Korea. You lucky Lady. ;-))))Barb


Bib, oh I don't spend a lot of time onjigidi. aweek or zo ago was outside bringingtheleasheddog in,tripped over the leash agot my other foot tangled in the 02 tube and went FLYING! threw myself sideways to miss the coffe table and slammed my head on the floor andwrenched both upper arms protecting my head. My arms stillhurt and I'm not good at puzzles with the left hand. LOL i sit a lot and nap in the morning after settlingthedogs. What a joyful life, eh LOL! otherwise, I LOVE 2021!!!!

I am in North Carolina, eastern time. I will drive you nuts with my regimented life... three meals every day around the same time (9, 12 and 6) and pistachios around 4:00. Go to sleep around 11:30pm and get up by alarm at 8:00am. Distant hugs, Mila.


No, Central Time zone, what zone are you in? I had to make up
my sleep, I think I got up at 3 p.m. or there about, here it is
8:02 p.m., and all I have had is coffee, so I need to take a break and
eat something like, breakfast. Good thing I don't share a house
with someone, my sleeping habits would drive someone nuts.
I wish I had a larger screen, may have to invest in one, later.
Distant Hugs, Bib

I thought you were in NY?


It is 8:34 a.m. here, what time is it there. I don't think I have had
5 minutes sleep. I have been playing solitaire, and I think I should
try to go back to bed. Have a great day.

No, but is one more for my queue! I am currently watching Mrs. Wilson. Is a new series so for Season 2 I have to wait to next year. It is very good!


I figured this eve. you would be watching "All Creatures.........."
I have the book but never got around to reading it, I imagine this program will be on again, that seems to be the way PBS does it.
Have a good week.

In the 30s this evening and the sun keeps coming and going. Haven't been able to sit outside.


Barbara, I just solved the largest one, and I enjoyed it so much,
it was quite a challenge, but I will solve the smaller sizes I made
today, when I have time. Glad you enjoyed it. I have always
loved Brownstones, but never read their history until I was
getting ready to post these puzzles. How are you doing these
days, and what have you enjoyed doing most this weekend,
outside of Jigidi?


Beautiful old architecture! Thank you for todays smaller andbeautifuul puzzleS. ;-))))


You are quite welcome BirdNana, today is Sunday, as you know,
and the weekend is over, the sun was shining today, still cold
though. How is it out your way?

Once NYC gets into your heart, it stays there. Thank you Bib!


The reason brownstones have stoops is not quite as glamorous as you might think.
One of the most distinctive features of a classic NYC brownstones is its stoop—a word appropriated from “stoep”, the Dutch word for “stair.” The Dutch built stoops to raise their parlor floor above flood waters; some posit that the New York City stoops were built to raise the parlor floor above a “sea of horse manure.”

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