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The Bridge of Sighs

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We also have a bridge of sighs in Chester, (UK) which is not far from where I live. It's not quite as ornate as the one in Venice.

The bridge, which originally had iron railings, was built in 1793 as a means of securing a link between the jail and Little St John's chapel, where there was an apartment made for prisoners. In popular tradition it is said that condemned felons used it to receive their last rights at the chapel, before they came back to execution by the drop where their bodies were dropped and hanged in front of the crowd.

See this link

The Court building is to the left. The prison on the right connected by the bridge. If the bridge sighs when the prisoner crosses, he is guilty. If the bridge is quiet at the crossing, the prisoner is innocent.

Maybe ,- the bridge of Sighs took prisoners from court on one side to prison (or death) on the other side. Hence the sighs :-)


I thought it was the bridge they are on, not the one they are looking at.

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