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Bonica Rose carefully colouring back to pink again

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I'm glad to see that my Bonica is showing more pink in the flowers again. Since a couple of years this 'whitening' happens almost every year in Summer now. I think it's to do with the heat and drought. I guess it occurs when plants are getting mainly tapwater for a longer period of time, but I'm not sure. I'm glad when they'll bloom in the beautiful pink they should be again! ☺
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  2. liertje19782:53
  3. babray3:18
  4. Impie3:29
  5. Lynetteoz3:31
  6. Meadow9243:37
  7. cookie573:53
  8. MissJane3:53
  9. 4wings53:53
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Yep! We usually phrase it as : That's nothing to spit at. ;D


Thank you, lurdo, I agree ☺

Thanks, Nancy, it would be nice on canvas, though I won't know where to hang it, I don't like too full walls, that's the problem☺☺, but it will definitely be used for a note card one day, thanks! :-))

I see, Faye.☺ I bet they can be more precise than with the 'naked' eye, but $ 1900 isn't an amount to spit on (do you know that phrase?)☺
Fingers crossed he got it all good and you don't have to get post visits to get more worth for your money! :-)))


Thank you, Impie. I took a few "aspirin" yesterday and this morning there is no throbbing. It's still too tender to chew on that side but the dentist felt that everything went well, he got all the infected material, and he expects everything to heal properly. He booked no follow up appointment but if I do require "post" visits it's all covered under this payment...nearly $1900!
On medical documentaries/shows you sometimes see doctors in operating rooms working on a patient. However, they are not looking directly at the patient...they are staring into "binoculars" which magnify small areas requiring intricate work. That's what this endodontist used.


Gorgeous. Perhaps your Bonica didn't want to miss out on your pink theme this year? Hopefully she does the same next year. in the meantime, this should be a canvas print...or at least a note card. :DD

I love your Amazing Bonica Rose,It has an incredible color.


Thank you Faye, I'll make a special 'note card' file and this one will definitely be added to it! :-)
I hope your root canal went OK....I'm not sure what you meant by "micro" lens in connection to your dental works...please explain♥☺♥

Thank you, Pammi, yes, and to take this photo I had my arms stretched out to reach them! ♥♥♥♥

Thank you, thank you, Ella. They're cute baby buds aren't they and I love their girly pink! :-)

Why thank you, Lynetteoz, both for the compliments to my roses and the photograph. ;-))

Thank you so much, nillie, that's truly a special word for them. I also love the stage they're in and the colour of the buds here in this photo. :-))
Thank you, I'm wishing you also a nice and safe weekend ♥♥♥


I had to give a second thought to choose a special word for such a beuatiful picture...and "Astonishing" is the chosen one:-))

Thanks Impie, have a nice and safe weekend ♥♥♥


What an amazing pic this is Impie!! The pink roses are breathtakingly gorgeous :-)


Lovely, lovely! I like the baby buds just beginning to open. :-)


Absolutely brilliant, Impie. I love the way they all have their faces turned up to the sun. ♥♥♥♥


Definitely a notecard! The blue sky finishes this one off perfectly! ❤️❤️❤️

P.S. I'm late today...finally had the root canal from my episode last Christmas...I've never had the "micro" lens before.


I fully agree, Anne, thank you! (this is probably another one for my notecard file) :)


She's a beautiful specimen of her kind. Just glorious!


Thank you, Patsy!


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