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one of my beaded bracelets

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these fabrics by different designers and manufacturers from some images may be copyrighted. i do not claim any ownership.

as for the centre square - just thought i'd show you one another of my joys other than making puzzles. these seed beads are itty bitty, 3mm each. thought i'd try a button closure, but this button's a bit big i think.
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sure i'd love to do this for you robin. and since my birthday is monday, it'd be my first sale! i'll get on it.


I would love to have one, but I don't really wear jewelry. Thanks, and good luck. :)


would you like one pasta?


And have a very Happy Birthday!!!! :)


Super bead work, you rock. Great puzzle also. :)


wow ruth....I am so glad that you showed us this...and I would love to have one.....but only if you would "sell" it to me (as on the cost of supplies and TIME and postage....this one up top looks great to me.......I think the button kind of accents is in good proportion to the rest of the piece.....but I am the least "artsy" person I on you ruth


my tribal affiliation tends to like zig zags, triangles, diamonds, feathers and chevrons. same as everyone else. if you want me to make you one given me the specs


i'm making lots and might look to sell them. i can make you one if you want. but would need your wrist size, how wide you'd like it (this one here is 11 beads across. 9 across is 3/4 of an inch. also what colours (light and dark) and what kind of pattern, i think you'd like just plain ol' stripes eh?


wow!!! are talented!!.......I just love the beads.....I am so envious of "artsy" people.......I "can't draw a straight line with a ruler" or something like that.....the beads are you sell them ruth.....or is it just a pleasure hobby??.....thanks for sharing....


Thanks so much for a glimpse of your fine beadwork. Would love to see more. The dragonflies & the blue patterns also appeal to me. A pretty puzzle!

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