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This plant grows upright with beautiful flowers. It is in our daughter's yard. I am attaching other photos to help identification.
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I will have to do the work all by myself. I will be teaching my daughter the joys of gardening.

@canoekaw You and I have a different definition of "fun". Unfortunately, my bad knees (have 2 replacements but they are limiting in terms of what you can and cannot do) inhibit my doing much in the way of major yardwork. I have a perennial bed that runs along the alley behind my new fence. It holds raspberries, rhubarb, a healthy stand of tarragon (grows like weeds) plus a large number of perennial flowers. The fence guy did a number on the beds and it will take a lot of digging and repositioning to get the bed right again. It could take a long while since I am much slower than I used to be. Not looking forward to the so called "fun"!


Thank You Penny. I am going to tell my daughter about forming a hedge with them. She likes her privacy.


couldn't sleep; was going thru your puzzles and did a few. really nice photos. i'm going to follow you. i like smaller puzzles; i'm an ex army wife and recognize the Kansas puzzles (1979-80). love flowers, animals,new places. thank you for your puzzles; hope you all are doing well. Penny


i have a few in my yard; they are "mock orange" bushes. my mother planted them back in the 50s taken from my aunt's house. they have the sweetest smell. Mom used to say they smelled like orange trees. they grow like crazy and make great hedges and cover for wildlife. most of mine grow to about 15 feet tall and then they drape over and touch the ground and reroot.


My daughter has a home with a yard that in the past was meticulously developed. It looks like in the past 5 years it was allowed to grow wild with no removal of weeds and spontaneous young trees. It will be fun to return it to a more groomed state.

Yes, Lily of the alley under a Mock Orange Bush. Both very fragrant.


THANK YOU ALL Again thank you so very much @MargCam @pumpkinhead @gthoroughgood @Alena22 I looked it up and read about it on different sites and you all are correct. I had no idea of what it was but it sure is pretty.

Vyhledal jsem to a četl jsem o tom na různých stránkách a všichni máte pravdu. Neměl jsem tušení, co to bylo, ale je to jistě hezké.

Je to pustoryl.Nazývaný také jasmín. Alena 22

Yes, definitely a Philadelphus


Sure does, MargCam.

It looks like Mock Orange (Philadelphus) to me. I love the blossom and have one in my garden too.

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