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Drum Valley Has An Abundance Of Live Oaks And Rocks

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This picture was taken 09/01/2020. This area receives about 15mm of moisture from May 1 to Sept. 30, so the natural grasses tend to die off during this time. All natural growth and green grass takes place from October 1 to April 30. Drum Valley is an area of foothill ranches and winter grazing land. There were probably 25 or so cattle ranches within the confines of the valley. (A guess, I have no stats to back this up.) There were many hay sheds full of baled hay (usually alfalfa) that is hauled in from outside the immediate area. I saw no signs of irrigation or cultivated fields in Drum Valley.
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Janet: This will all be green in the winter when there is some moisture. We have quite a few Eucalyptus in the Central (San Joaquin) Valley where we live, Janet. Imported from Australia many years ago.


Good point! I had never really thought about it, niccolino, but that sure is true.


A fabulous photo thanks Rettch, if we substituted some gum trees (Eucalypts) this could be here. hugs.


Amazing how the trees grow where the rocks are.


PLG: When we first moved to California in 1967, I found the climate so different from what I was used to. The houses were almost all stucco and I found that unattractive also. After 53 years, my outlook has changed and I consider these things to be the way the world was meant to be though I must admit I still like to see things green in the summer.


I really like this photo. Also, it makes me remember how several years ago our grass was all crunchy by July. But in recent years I'm still mowing green grass in September.

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