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caged ombre golf ball

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a young boy (10 yrs old) gave me this golf ball. Then he asked me to paint it blue for him. Maybe I could wrap it in wire. I asked him if he was going to create it or if he was going to let me do the creating. He opted to let me. I then asked him how much he was going to pay me. He thought about it for a minute, then said...$1. I said....SOLD! (just don't send your friends!) (I am his GAL) Hope he likes it and finds it worth his hard earned $!!
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Luni, yes! I can't wait to see her and her hubby again! My husband and I really enjoy visiting with them! Thanks! This was for a little guy I was a GAL for for a little while.


well well...April is fast approaching Meg, you will see each other again.

You really are so creative Carole! i love the concept...


miss you too.....come on April!!!!!!


jyl, right?! I don't think he had anything in mind to do with it, so I made it a key chain. ;-]

mega, miss you! I hope it becomes that for him! benefit is I got 2 unexpected consignments after that. Not related at all, but shortly after, so I'll connect the karmic dots! ;-]


What a great memory you have created for him as well as a wonderful creation!! And at a fabulous price!!! You are too good! Love it...and you!


What a hoot! Did he give you any idea what he's going to do with it? (BTW, I think you both did a good job on questions and answers.) ♥☺♥

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