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Rust and Peeling Paint - Peephole

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Guanajuato - Mexico
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Confused: if this is a dream how come you have the Harrods fabric in 'real life'??? Your dreams sound like mine. I'm driving on unknown roads and when I look at the road signs there are no names on them or it's dark, or the breaks are failing... all stuff like that. I rarely dream that I am skiing - something I miss. I have been known to play the piano very well in my dreams, when, in fact, I can't play a single note!


Peaceful, ha! I cannot recall ever having one. I work at trying to find places I want to get to but which takes such circuitous routes I am exhausted meeting and dealing with people who pushing or blocking my way. When I ask for directions I make a wrong turn and end up back where I started or worse further away. I have walked for hours in London getting lost. One would call me topographically challenged. I remember once walking for hours just looking for a particular street I liked, got turned around so badly but could not ask for assistance because I really did not know where what I was looking for was. Finally, decided to follow some "seemingly" tourists hoping they would end up some place familiar to me. Well, they did and I found a bit to eat, ventured on and met up with Harrod's. Roamed around, bought too many things including a wonderful 3-yard piece of upholstery fabric (which I still have today - never covered anything except uncommitedly - but love it so). By the time I was ready to leave the store I was so laden down and exhausted but could not remember which door I entered vs. which door was close to the underground. I ended up walking around the entire building finally Knightsbridge Station all but in tears. Not wanting to chance anything else and despite my having spent way too many £'s, I hailed a taxi. Well, long-windedly, I end with so goes my dream like. Still get lost. GPS or not.


LOL, Zplay! My 'young man' is like you. I'm always fantastically busy in my dreams. I wish I occasionally had some more peaceful ones!


Oh sleep is never the problem. It is just the journeys and travels that I go on and the stories, oh, the stories. My mind is most fertile during dreams. Too bad it is only contemplative during waking hours. Still who is to complain; I get to live two lives in one.


Looks like one to me too, Clive!
Did you get some sleep, Zplay??? ; -)))


Looks like an orange frog to me at the bottom right of the hole.


Scares me. Stuff of nightmares. Good puzzle, however.


Poor tiger!!!


This reminds me of a furnace grate... but wait a minute... why would a tiger be
in there...? (red inside grate,,,?)

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