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pied avocet reflected (kluut)

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  1. moyrita3:54
  2. schutkleur4:25
  3. slavka14:47
  4. farbrorgron4:50
  5. AmyLowry4:58
  6. Ginni24:58
  7. _k8_4:58
  8. ian19484:59
  9. pmg485:03
  10. nanapeg5:08


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I'm so sorry for you Schutkleur that you are feeling so bad, and that for weeks and weeks. This heatwave indeed is no good to you (or to me either, having heart-failure = hartfalen).
Thursday will be cooler, and living in the western part of Holland, wednesday will already be better than today!
And Friday will be a good travel day, although the Saturday will be a hot day too. But it looks like you are going to have perfect weather when you are in Beekbergen! Quite dry, quite sunny, but no heat any more!
I hope you recover there and come back in good health!
Wishing you a lovely stay in Beekbergen and meet all the small animals and birds that you saw there before!!

This is such a beautiful photo of such a beautiful bird. I hope you will feel much better for your vacation and that you'll come home to cooler weather and many more beautiful pictures. ~Wendy


Yes, please feel better soon and don't be too worried in preparing for your vacation. It sounds like your heart does not need added stress right now and we want many more photographs from you! Is it cooler in Berkbergen? I am happy you get to stay for 3 weeks.


I hope you're feeling better soon, and that your heart decides to quit acting up. I think what you're describing, your heart beating weirdly, is why my friend Brenda got a defibrillator years ago. I'm looking forward to your vacation photos. Hope you get lots of birds and squirrels on your outdoor table!


Thank you Lia!! :)


Thank you Ginni! All the reflection photos may have been taken on the same day. It's not that often that we have days without, or with hardly any, wind. Unless we're having very warm weather (like right now) and are longing for some wind. But in this heat I'm not going to the polder. In fact : the last time I was in the polder was on July 29!! And since then I only did two short walks here in the park. The weather hasn't been cooperating. It's either hot, or it's windy and wet. My health isn't very much cooperating at the moment either. My heart rate suddenly shot up again. Normal for me is around 70, now I was having around 100 again. And much more 'overslag' . I couldn't find an English word for it. What I mean is that your heart skips one or two beats, then comes back with one very heavy beat, shaking your chest, or with a whole string of rapid beats. Sometimes it happens every minute, and it's very tiring. Great! As if I needed yet something else making me tired!!! I went to the doctor. The ECG was very reasonable, which was a relieve. My medication got 'upped' (is there such a word?) and it's a little bit better now. But this is going to be a hard week. Normally, when we're having high temperatures, I just don't do anything but sit in front of my ventilator. But I don't have that luxury now. I have to do a lot of things to prepair for leaving on Friday to Beekbergen for three weeks.


Thanks Anne!! :)


Another perfect picture to enjoy!! Thanks


Beautiful photo. You're getting some great reflections these days!


Wonderful reflections

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