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Crocheted Blankets!! ~ Octomom`s size

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  1. Franc1:39
  2. mags1792:06
  3. stones2:12
  4. Abolvig2:31
  5. Kate992:45
  6. w84itslywbt3:01
  7. simini3:14
  8. baggins093:21
  9. sandiegogirl3:24
  10. prunellainpa3:29


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Speaking of Molly being the curator of interesting things, I bet you could give her a run for her money, Mariasha!!


It sounds like the middle left is uncontested at the moment Jan - so it could be all yours (muah ha ha LOL). However you will need to share the top left and bottom middle with Mariasha. And I suspect that, if Katie comes back, you'll both need to share the bottom middle with her too. I hope Katie is OK. It's been about a month now since we saw her last.

And thanks for your kind words about the background colours. Not having any artistic skill (like you my friend), all I do is choose a colour that appears in the kaleido already. That's as good as it gets with me. One day soon I'm going to have to explore some texture. I love the look of a bit of texture in the backgrounds. And I must thank our friend Molly (who I regard as the official Jigidi curator of all things beautiful and interesting), who posted a pic of some crocheted blankets recently that gave me the idea of popping them in the blender.

I'm so glad you enjoyed them my friend. :)))


Oh, I bet you COULD crochet some beautiful things Mariasha, what with your creativity. I would LOVE to see what you could turn out. And then I could whack it in my blender. LOL


Jan, You are welcome to all the pink and orange combos you find. I won't dispute you at all. I'll take the bottom right today and be happy.


Kirsten - another absolute winner. Have I ever told you how much the rich backgrounds you use enhance the images. Well, if I haven't I should have!! These are just wonderful. Of course, Ardy - who usually has good tastte, is dead wrong about the Middle left! It's my favorite and I'm glad I can now have it without her in competition!! (LOL ARDY). My next favorites are the top left, bottom center (on this one, I do not know why!).

Crocheted blankets, in your creative hands, are certainly beautiful! Thanks so much!!

If one could crochet patterns like these, I'd be doing it non-stop! The blue, upper left, just radiates star power, as does the middle bottom. They are all extremely interesting and all were fun to do...thanks Kirsten.


Ha! I was just over at your place, Barb!! And of course the top left is your fave - something about the colour, methinks. LOL I'm glad you had a good time with it, and that it's perfect for your weather. It's not bad for ours either. Spring is a very unsettled time! :)))


Warm and cozy ..... just what I need as we head into our winter season. I particularly like the top left and right squares but I'll take any of them. All are lovely, Kirsten. :-)

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