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Bathing a fish is forbidden :-)

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Agreed Ianto :-))))

If every one was the same, life would be boring.


Thank you for the laugh Marina. Signs can be difficult to understand. That is why you all can give your version of it and then we will have fun :-)))))


So, you don't need to bathe fish before eating it (after you catch it) or you don't bathe fish before releasing them back to the sea (dead or alive). Very's all "greek" to me!!

That it is.


Thanks for the story Rebecca :-))))

Good thing Ianto :-))))

Okay PW :-))))

Thank you for such kind words Janet. Hugs back :-))))


Thanks for a smile Sissel, you find us some beauties to give us a laugh (or two) a day. hugs to you. ♥♥


Only when they die, Sissel. Then they can have a flush.

I try to keep some of the rules.


No, no fish in a bowl. When I was very little they gave away goldfish at the grocery store. My sister use the bowl to wash some of her doll clothes!


Ja lidt skøre ervi vel Vips - Knus og tak :-))))))


Kan næsten ikke holde op med at grine, det er utroligt:-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


What can I say but laughing out loud for some hours :-)))))
You are so gorgius dear friends

Thank you Jean. Of course no soap. Pollution for the sea

I have heard it in danish Neville, but still great. Thank you so much

Thank you Ianto for keeping the rules

I have never had fish as pets PW, so I really don't know. Can't they just have a flush?

Thanks AMomentInTime :-)))

Rebecca. Do you have fish at home in a glas bowle?



I'm not bathing my fish- just giving it a quick rinse because he smells-
look, no soap!


Game warden: Didn’t you see the no-fishing sign, son?
Boy: I’m not fishing, sir. I’m teaching these worms how to swim!

Okay I won't.


How are you supposed to keep your fish clean without a bath occasionally? LOL




Ooh, I see. ;))


Good morning Rebecca and Ank :-)))))

This means that fishing is not allowed. Anyone can say "I am giving my fish a bath" :-))))))


Why? Don't fish like water? Gosh, you can learn all kinds of things here. ☺☺☺
Good morning Sissel. Enjoy your day ♥♥♥


If I was a fish, I would be very annoyed to be given a bath. :))

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