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Nutella Pizza

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It may not look wonderful but oooooh....
Home made Neapolitan pizza base, into the pizza oven until it puffs up - about 60 seconds at 500c then spread with Nutella and topped with sliced strawberries and a sprinkle of icing sugar. Back in the oven for about 10 seconds and then - devour!
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Oh yes, it would, Bren.....☺


Decadent! ;DDD


Yes, it would! :D


wouldn't it be wonderful to have a big Jigidi pizza party and I'll make you all Nutella pizza. My pizza oven was such a great buy - I love making the dough and the sauce and just cooking them. Love it.


Looks yummy, Bren, is there still a small slice for me left, please? ♥☺♥


Just fixed toast with Nutella and raspberry jam on top .....pairs nicely with with another cup of coffee. Mmmmmm :DD

Sounds wonderful!


Oh.My.Goodness, Bren! I've had Nutella on toast, so this would be scrummy too. Nice to see you're having so much fun with your pizza oven. ;-)) Now I'm hungry..... TFS!


As I've only had Nutella on toast, I'd certainly find this delicious.
[I once was grocery shopping in the jam aisle and saw a man reaching for his 10th or 12th large jar of Nutella and place it in his cart. At that time, his cart was empty except for those jars. I still wonder the purpose of so many.]


Sounds really yummy and is making me feel hungry.


Oh that would make it 6 stars!


I'd sure be willing to try it, and would maybe try a little whipped cream on top, too.

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