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Yup, Winter is here........

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18 degrees, snowing and the winds are winding up! Hey, this is Whidbey Island not Wisconsin! ;)
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Sharon :))))))))


Carol66, glad I helped you bring back a good memory. On my part, I'm happy I wasn't the only one to set rules. I would have liked to keep them out of the whole front yard but in front we had a perfect bank for sliding down. So we compromised. Keep the side in front of the big window pristine, play on the other side of the driveway. That driveway was dug out of the bank and had high concrete sides. We had a single car "tuck under" garage. We had a blizzard which completely filled in the driveway. A guy with a front loader came by and offered to clean it out for only $5 but we had to say no and shovel by hand as our 2nd car was under there somewhere.


Jals, you hit it silent and soft.


I like how the snow "mutes" the sounds when you're outside. Being out on a snowy evening is a beautiful experience.
However, if I had my choice, I would choose no snow. :-)


Sharon72 you gave me a laugh and a wonderful recollection........through the years (many years ago) we had a family "rule" to NOT mess up the front snow so the house looked nice! Do whatever to the back........leave the front alone! :)


It surely is. Newly fallen snow is so pretty. When my kids were young they knew how much I liked it and didn't play in the area right out front of the big window in the living room so I could enjoy it a bit longer. Now I live in central Arizona and I miss the beauty of snow but I don't miss driving in it or shoveling it.


What a nice view ... when you can stay inside ☺


Thanks, the cold and snow. WHY? Because I am cozy and warm INSIDE! Need to go to work tomorrow.......hope it clears a little. I live in a happy world and do not need to work so I won't be counted as "present" if it is bad again tomorrow.......:))))))))))))))))

Carol66 is starting to look like Michigan this morning!

Beatlecarol, I live where I have a great view of a 4 way stop and several hills/inclines. I hear you about the crazy drivers. Love the "entertainment value" of standing at the windows watching the "goings-on". Insanity rules?! Each person seems to have their own "technique" for getting themselves into trouble. KIRO7 has been on the air since 4:00AM reporting. I was just on the phone with DustyDog ......suggested she take the WI weather back.....please!


Brrrr, makes me feel cold just looking at it! Stay safe and warm Carol.


I'm in Kenmore, watched Q13 for 3 hours this morning, couldn't get enough of crazy drivers!
And the week has just begun. My son in Colorado is laughing at us because he has had lots of snow but its dry and easier to drive in there!


Oh, Carol! I can just see someone trying to get up this hill, then looking a tiny bit panicky, as they slide back down!
I think this was meant for WI...and some one at the weather bureau made a typo, and entered WA.
Dusty :D


Carol66 - this is rare to to see snow in Whidbey - Michigan snow is about gone and its 52° at noon and raining her now. Mrs. Quinn. (stay warm)


Hi Sally, the snow is still coming down. Not really the "usual" for here, supposed to stop around noon. However, the winds are starting to pick up speed and that is VERY usual here! ;) Brrrrr.

Somebody better tell Mother Nature! We are not 18 but the Bay area will have snow on the hills.

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