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A lovely driveway of houses,found in the free to use commons section.
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  1. AllFons1:39
  2. era41:44
  3. Ribs2:06
  4. pumpkinhead2:09
  5. emilym2:15
  6. adkbowler2:23
  7. JigSaw20162:24
  8. pedro11112:28
  9. Paul22112:31
  10. Bauhaus2:38


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I'm so glad you loved this Donna! and you are welcome...
You saw right into the very heart of the picture! All those different lives in all those different houses all over the world! It never ceases to amaze me. I would watch a plane flying over and think the same thing, about each individual's life, where are they going and why, are they all happy in that plane, what dramas are going on... curious as a cat I am... but it's more than curious, it's an interest in people and what makes them what they are. ♥♥♥ Robyn


Oh, such a wonderful picture of nighttime. I see the upstairs light on in perhaps a bedroom and someone is just about to turn it off and go to bed. The street light lights the way on the lovely driveway and the folks in the smaller house seem to already be asleep. I love this picture and thank you for posting it for us.


Google has taken over the world heehee I love it too and spend a whole lot of time doing research about things. I'm afraid I'm an internet junkie !!! lol
I love Jigidi too Sparks. it was a great surprise to see such a community here, and I'm very glad of it. I had been to other sites and they're nothing to write home about. ((xx))


thank goodness for google - I LOVE IT xxxxxxxxxx and jigidi


It's a beauty alright sparks, has atmosphere. There are so many beautiful photos and art out there, the mind boggles. (((xxx))) ♥♥♥


Love this xx the sky is awesome xxx


Aw thanks Irena. Appreciated... :)


Thanks Suzy! It's nice to be here too. ... another addiction to enjoy... :)


Thank you very much for the lovely wishes, You also Robyne. Health Irena


If you listen very carefully, I think you can hear a dog barking way off in the distance.
Very nice puzzle, Robyn.
Welcome to jigidi!!!


I'm very happy you enjoyed it Irma. You have a happy day, week, month...year! new year coming... :) Robyn


Very pretty .-) thanks I., Happy day

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