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Meet Honey

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Honey is an Australian Shepherd we rescued from Pet Finder 18 months ago. She is a Good Canine Citizen, and recently became certified as a therapy dog.
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  1. Brie16481:12
  2. marunka2771:14
  3. gonzobob1:21
  4. negativeneil1:22
  5. Ianto1:28
  6. Heba1:31
  7. SamSammy1:40
  8. anezka1:40
  9. kimmeh1:48
  10. sillysue1:50


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HONEY is Soo cute


Hi Kimmeh - I agree borders and aussies are wonderful breeds. I will look for your Mae. Enjoy your day.


She's a cutie! Lucky to find a forever home where she's truly loved!
Border Collies and Aussies are my favorite breeds. So smart and so sweet! Between Honey and Sam, I've been moved to post a puzzle of my girl, Mae! Cheers!


Thanks Aunt Barbara. I love you, too.

Honey you were one lucky dog the day your Mom and Dad rescued you. Your Mom had a special place in her heart for you when she saw your picture. But you have truly found a very special place in your Dad's heart. You helped your Dad heal from his loss of his precious Heidi. You truly have found a warm and loving home.
Aunt Barbara


Thank you Javasage, Anezka, Gemstone, Brie and Aggie for your warm welcome to Honey. I look forward to meeting Lola :).

Thank you, too, SamSammy. I am glad you finally got to meet Honey. And, yes, she and Sam can exchange experiences. Honey would like Sam - he's very handsome. :)


Ohhh Lambchop ..... she is adorable!! We would love to meet her!!! Till about a year ago Sam would come with me to nursing homes as a pet dog! So Sam and Honey can exchange expierences! Thank you for this picture Lambchop. Glad to finally meet you Honey! :)))


So beautiful! My friend's dog is a therapy dog and it is just wonderful to see how patients in hospital respond when she comes in - Honey, you will bring much happiness to those who need you.


You are a wonderful and noble pup, Honey! :)))


I am pleased, Honey looks nice and really legit....


Glad to meet you, Honey! What a wonderful vocation you've been chosen for! I am hoping someday Callie Lou will be eligible...she is still too young and "spirited"! Thanks lambchop! ;-)))

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