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Half of the stamp collection offered to me. It was fun checking out those stamps inside but i was a day late for the most valuable collection of old Philippine issues bought by a stamp dealer.

The other half will follow after we finalize this. 15 of those albums are to be shipped out today. The rest at a later date.

Aug 25, 2020
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WOW this is a stamp collection all right..You’ll be busy for a long time and much longer when the next batch arrive. Enjoy your collection and by doing that means you are keeping yourself safe❣️ Hugs my friend❤️❤️


I love your hobby and your amazing collection in Pinterest. You can spend hours-days looking at stamps and seeking info about them. I'm glad you are getting more new collections. Marina.


I miss Jigidi too Ardy, will try to find time before going to bed to connect...the first box is coming anytime today or tomorrow. Will write down something just in case i won't make it. Welcome, Ardy!


Indeed Pat! was so thrilled to see them, thought mine was already "big" enough but this is more 10 times maybe. The first 15 albums now on the way is not even included here yet.


In one album i saw, the "Penny Orange" were there...way back since the first stamp was issued Marilyn...1800s.


My patience is only with stamps Jill, not for anything else, hehe. Welcome.


Not only hours Jan...will be years maybe. haha.


Pleased you found something you really enjoy. Another time given us a tip that you will be missing for several days, please. The last published puzzle is usually where people go to look for a message. Thanks, Lunie & Didi.


Quite a collection !!!


How far back do they go? In age, I mean.


What incredible patience and perseverance. Great thanks Lunie


Lunie, I'm so pleased to know that stamps were keeping you busy, not illness. What an amazing lot of albums. You will have hours of fun with them. hugs my friends.


This i closed the deal already Shirl, the other half still to be negotiated and will be available for my review by next week. It will surely give me lots of fun Shirl.


I will Jacki...maybe the first shipment will be here by Tuesday or Wednesday.


Wow, that is some collection,Lunie, how many all together? they will keep you busy for some time. Have fun .


WOW! So many to look at (and maybe post some of them). Good theme puzzle, Lunie.

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